I just stumbled across Dandelion #Abstract #Art @DandelionJenny #T4US (no burdock)

Vortex - from Dandelion Abstract Art.
Vortex – from Dandelion Abstract Art.
Connect the squelchy outer reaches of your mind and uber-groovy psychedelia with a range of designs from Dandelion Abstract Art.
Maelstron - from Dandelion Abstrct Art.
Maelstron – from Dandelion Abstrct Art.

Unique encaustic works translated into practical products like iPhone cases, laptop covers, tote bags, canvas prints, posters and even mugs – you name it, and if it’s one of the twelve dozen things that Messrs RedBubble produce on an artist’s behalf, it’s available. The only thing you can’t easily get these designs on is your poodle.

Jen is an artist working in the nether reaches of the East Coast of England – but RedBubble are international, and they produce your goods and wares all over the globe, and ship to Timbuktu too, even if you are wearing a tutu. They also ship to much more sensible places, such as Birmingham and Moscow, Adelaide and the upper reaches of the Zambesi.

Orchid - from Dandelion Abstract Art.
Orchid – from Dandelion Abstract Art.
Why not check out Jen’s stuff at Redbubble by clicking here – and you can even follow her on Twitter too.

Jen is meagre with her bio details but I am authorised to tell you that after spending forty years in the Army she is pleased to be settling into civilian life along with her pet badger, two ex-Chippendales and a bathroom cabinet full of the most delightful medications. When not wearing welding goggles (and a modicum of other clothing, unless it’s warm and sunny) and producing fantabulous abstracts, Jen likes vacuuming shag-pile carpets, helping roads across old ladies and confounding world peace.

Prices range from Zilch to Oh Gosh, depending on what takes your fancy. Affordable and high quality is the keyword. Keywords. Affordable and high quality are keywords and a phrase. Oh goodness me, you know what I mean. Splendid stuff.

Dandelion Abstract Art Website.

Global – but local too.

Groovy! Canvas prints, posters, mugs, bags. clothing and all manner of things to make your life run with style and your meagre hovel less dowdy.

Daydream #1 - from Dandelion Abstract Art.
Daydream #1 – from Dandelion Abstract Art.