Flying fish on the Middlewich Branch #narrowboat #england



Wait for it… wait for it… full power now, Algernon, and … rotate. We have lift-off. Oops, now we don’t. I think that maybe you were correct about needing those “wings”, Algernon.

Of course, one incentive for a fish to fly might be the huge carp that inhabit this area – it was fleeing for its life!

Yesterday was a hot day, although not as hot as the previous day. The evening though morphed into a very nice scenario for an Olympic-standard sit-down watching the world drift by, so I done did and went and did just that, up by the lock. Today has begun with rain, rain and more rain (this is, after all is said and done, England – snow is perfectly possible tomorrow). Indoor jobbies first it is then, and mayhap a trip to go and fetch an eggcup of bilge paint, the better to finish the lockers with. Perhaps I should just rub everything with a flying-fish instead, cross my eyes and sing Ba Ba Black Sheep until the neighbours all back away in terror?

I’ll let you know at some later date which I chose to do.





  1. Whereabouts on the canal was that? We were watching the jumping fish just last week, near Wardle Lock in Middlewich! And my usual walk takes me past The Big Lock pub…

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    1. Just by the lock at Venetian Marina, I thought someone had thrown a stone into the water until I replayed the video and watched the beastie frame by frame. There are also carp in the marina that must be damned near record breakers – 3′ long. Another incentive to not fall in!


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