Nostalgia about England’s canals isn’t what it’s going to be – Guest Post by Ian Hutson…


Mr The Story-Reading Ape has been kind enough to allow me back on his blog with some reflections on, well – surprise, surprise, surprise – you know whats in you know where. 😉

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

There’s probably a few years in the old horse yet, but…

Living full-time on a boat on England’s canals will, sometime relatively soon, go the way of policemen who would tell you the time, the way of doorstep milk deliveries, of corner-shop grocers, of politicians with spine, integrity or statesmanship, of coal mines of our own, a car industry, the NHS, schools that produced young people who can perform basic arithmetic and correctly spell medium-length words, and even of popular music with lyrics and a tune. We have no idea why we got rid of all of those things, we loved them dearly, but they’re gone now forever. My option to live as I have just begun to do is being steadily eroded and a gentle, ever so politically-correct, £££-based, well-regulated, legal but morally questionable disappearance is being arranged and even advertised as being for my own benefit. The…

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