Jihad! Holy war! This flag is an insult to my nation! Reparations! Wake up Mr Molotov and give him a cocktail!

For the past couple of years I have been using one of my bandanas as a cover for the Cardinal’s instrument panel, the better to shield the varnished wood from the ravages of the English sunshine… and it took the Bro this week to point out to me something that I had just not noticed afore.

Spot the deliberate insult contained in the design and printing of this Union flag. Answers on a post-card please. I respectfully and peacefully call for bloody and violent rioting in retaliation*.

*Retaliation is a small village in Berkshire.

😉 – and others of the “e-moticons” (See? I can do the modern-speak too, just as well as any trendy metrosexual hipster groove-thang monster can).

It’s been a week that was, in this, the week that just was. What it was, I have no idea.

There have been …kayakers.


Between you, me and the nearest gatepost on the local rat plantation, I do wonder if these cheerful, healthy, souls looked long and hard at the state of the canal water before they decided to have some fun splashing it all about, Henry. The last time I saw water like it was when it came around to my turn in the family’s tin tub in front of the fire, during our “oh gosh – it’s springtime” bi-annual hose-down.

I was the youngest child, so my turn was after the dog had been shampooed.

There have been …geese. Canada geese, all one family, and I have named them “The Waltons” (because the U.S. and Canada are one and the same thing, aren’t they?).


The naming ceremony didn’t go well. Oh, I provided champagne and everything, but it appears that if you hit a canada goose over the head with the bottle while saying “I name this goose John Boy, may Mr God bless all who sail in him…” it all gets a bit messy.

Sometimes naval discipline rules with The Waltons…


…and we get a nice, neat convoy that is easy to protect from submarines.

At other times they are a bit chaotic…


One thing that I have noticed about geese is that they don’t consume enough bulk in their diet to account for the vast amounts of goose-poop that they produce.

The new, additional solar panel has now been wired in to the new configuration, and I have palpably more of the electrickery to play with.

The revised stove-flue surround is well on the way to being finished.

Hutson Minor Hell is predicted for the coming week – temperatures into the eighties of the Fahrengezundheitings. I’m terribly sorry, but I just don’t function at much over sixty-three of the Imperial degrees, weather in the seventies and eighties and beyond just wholly destroys me. I can’t move, I am not a happy little bunny. In fact, I become a very, very, grumpy old Hector.

One morning soon, possibly even this morning, if  I can raise the oomph, I mun mooch on back to the services for water and serviceable wotnots involving processes that you chaps don’t want to know about, mayhap a spot of diesel, and thence on to moorings where I may grouch and groan and witter generally about the “bloody weather”.

It is also high time that I logged on to the Canal and River MisTrust’s website to have a look at their proposed winter stoppages, to see if there is any worthy route open for me to lose myself in later in the year. I needs must travel farther afield.


Ian H.


  1. One expects one’s flag to be of the correct proportions, but one suspects that it’s manufacturing origins may have something to do with the crime.
    The synchronised swimmingly gooses is a wonder to behold


  2. Thank you for your comment of support, on this post of mine!!!!

    I really try not to grumble much, on my blog. I do not have the flair for wit, like you do. My grumbles, come out as just, a cranky old lady grumbling. 😦

    But I am so sick, sick, sick, sick, sick of just sitting around and noticing all the *P.C.* crap, being spewed out, everywhere… Noticing, because I have a working brain. But knowing full well, that so many, many, many, are swallowing it! I just had to weigh in.

    My first comment, is from a Dear young woman, who simply grabbed on the pretty pics, to make a comment. You came and are supportive. We shall see, if any others appear. Over time. And how they react. If they even comment. I have lots and lost of lurkers. Not many who comment.


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    1. Methinks – and tis but an amateur theory – that a change has been forced upon society. Where once it was the responsibility (and expectation) of the individual to respect and (come to a) deal with society, now it seems to be society (as in everyone else on the planet) that must change and disadvantage themselves to fit in with the wishes and whims of the individual. As a system it’s completely untenable. We’re chucking freedom and free speech and even the basic right to hold and express opinions and make personal choices out of the window. Tis a nonsense! This mess will take a long time to clear up, and things will get worse before they improve… sadly. ;-(


    1. The mistake in the bandana is the red diagonal stripes, they ought properly to be offset rather than mirrors of one another. Someone has drawn this flag from memory, or tried to copy it without really looking. Tis but a minor matter, and I do but mention jihad in jest! 🙂


  3. I know I shouldn’t tell you, because I risk “retaliation” of some sort. But….. I’m kinda’ proud she has such power. >,-)

    Your delightful (hellish) temps, are the result of my grand daughter, visiting her BF, in the UK. :-))))) Instead of normal weather, you all have heat. And believe me, it’s hot for her too. 🙂 Especially, since she lives in a (horrid) big city over here, where she goes from A/C, to A/C, to A/C.

    Soooo, she has lovely weather for lovely pictures, but she is also suffering from the heat, as you are. I guess, it all comes out in the wash, or whatnot.

    ‘Nana’ Nanci

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  4. Offical ‘merica guess: The thing red diagonals are on the wrong side of the white in 2 cases.

    But if you are going throw a riot over that, I’m going to point out that those are canoes, not kayaks. Unless the British call canoes kayaks? Which would be WRONG. Two entirely different vessels!

    Still, they put me forcibly in mind of Three Men in a Boat.

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  5. How do you get your ducks to line up like that? I mean Geese! Is the flag a proportions issue? It was like one of those OCD tests they put up on the internet to test whether you are or not. I am up there in the 90 something % but couldn’t see this one, although Goose number four from the rear was too busy looking around at the scenery and who could blame him having flown all this way and not be able to sightsee!

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    1. How do, missus! Depending upon which way you look at the problem tis either the thick white diagonals or the thin red diagonals that are in the white ones – all four mirror each other, when they ought not to…

      Goose Number 4 always was away with the fairies.



    1. There is probably some suitable penalty for this crime written into legislation and waiting to be used. Once pointed out it is so obvious! I shall have to swap the bandana now for another – possibly my “ghost riders with skulls” one, or perhaps something with a pattern of a herbal nature.

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