Hints & tips from a Domestic God #narrowboat #England #featherdusters

When enthusiastically shaking out one’s “feather” duster while leaning through the boat’s side-hatch, and coincidentally doing so “at” the relatively early morning sun, and a dog walker comes past… hugging the hedgerow, putting as much distance between you and them as is humanly possible, and looking at you as though you might just be insane… there is only one thing to be done.

I did it.

I broke out into my best impression of a Native chant and continued shaking the duster.

Ho Ka Hey Wah Nah…Β Ho Ka Hey Wah Nah Woh…Β Ho Ka Hey Wah Nah…Β Ho Ka Hey Wah Nah Woh…

I do wonder if the dog walker will return this way or perhaps take a long diversion or maybe a taxi back home?

Well, at least I was fully-dressed, and the dog looked amused.


Ian H.


    1. Confession time: dusting only occurs only during full moons, or when I see the boat in a shaft of bright sunlight while wearing my specs… Or sometimes when I lose a book that I want under the layers… πŸ˜‰

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    1. The rain in Spain falls mainly on blokes called Wayne. Not a lot of people know that. Not a lot of people want to know that. It’s true though.


    1. I shall try the ceremony again tomorrow morning, earlier, and sans vΓͺtements – if that doesn’t do the trick then at least it has a chance of making the dog howl even louder… πŸ™‚

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  1. Laughing out loud! Of course in some parts of the country you might have been mistaken for a Morris Dancer and had the dog walker running away screaming. Although I must say you have one awesome acrylic dust buster, mine is lime green with a telescopic handle which might have been fun!

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