Give peace a chance – 2am eternal. #narrowboat #england


Just found this in the local news – two railway chaps injured, one seriously, night afore last and exactly right where I’ve been watching the work…

I don’t half pick ’em.

Quiet canals, that is.

I think that they were French-polishing the railway sleepers, or something. This is the embankment, about fifty yards away from the Cardinal’s moorings-of-the-moment.

They’ve been working on the line for at least a couple of days (nights!). Yesterday in the afternoon, a slack handful of trains were allowed through again. The first couple, a Virgin Express and a local grunter, came through at tip-toe speeds, presumably to check that the lines were parallel and didn’t in fact meet at the horizon.


Whatever they are doing, though, they haven’t finished, because there seem to be far fewer trains than usual this morning.

Hah! The moment I typed that two trains came hurtling through, one a Virginal Express and one a local rattler.


At the significant risk of adding “4-4-4-0-3 Reticulated Steam Trundle-Pinion” bore to already being a canal bore, I do have to say that there have been some interesting railway vehicles past here in recent days. Two of these were slightly disturbing. One was a two-engine double-ended snow-plough of quite ridiculous dimensions, the other was a machine of seven or eight “carriages” of machinery to do something mysterious, but all decked out in Arctic-camouflage white from top to bogey.

Do the railway companies know something that I ought to know?

Snow-ploughs and snow-camouflage.


We shall see, as winter unfolds.

It’s amazing what a little bit of sleep-deprivation can do for a chap’s imagination.


Ian H.


  1. What a mechanical behemoth to stride the country side bellowing its fearsome cry far and wide. Hugs

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    1. Twas indeed a huge and apocalyptic beastie, moving itself forward with a screech of brakes one railway-sleeper width at a time. I honestly didn’t mind being woken by it – I am horrified and yet simultaneously fascinated by huge machinery!

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  2. Do you remember when newspapers used to write a more coherent article? Is that a false memory of mine? I think they have eliminated all the editor jobs and about half the writers and now the writers just have so much to do that they don’t make any attempt to make the article anything but a headline and sufficient word count.

    That article contradicts it’s self 2 paragraphs apart (injury was life threatening or not) and repeats itself 4 or 5 times and never does tell you the specific thing that injured these poor workers. I don’t even say it’s just that article. That appears to be the universal standard of news reporting in this year 2018.
    Shakes head like old person.

    I hope they didn’t get squished by that noisy thing you filmed. I read that article, then watched you video and all I could picture was someone be smushed under that up and down thing.

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    1. What passes for journalism is a mere embarrassment these days – no depth, no coverage and never any follow-up, plus, as you say, the grasp of grammar and language is appalling. I rank journalists right down there with politicians, lawyers, insurance salesmen and estate agents…

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      1. A noble profession is dying an ignoble death. Or rather is merely pretending to nobility. I could go on and on about the reporting that amounts to “on Twitter today”. Or this other paper reported…

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  3. Was that the noise you got all night? Those kind of British Rail train vehicles send trainspotters into ecstasy I noticed once when I sat on a bench in Crewe station not so long ago, that’s why they have to work at night and keep it secret because of the crowds they would draw in the daytime all clicking away with mobile phone cameras. They make them white so that the operatives have a sporting chance of spotting them in the dark – although it doesn’t apparently work and injuries ensue.

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    1. That was the stuff. Odd thing is that I had no clue about all of the emergency services attending for the accident. Proves what a rotten witness I’d make! I hope that the guys are alright and recover. The peculiar white train arrangement has been up and down a few times today, but I’m sure that the normal traffic has been less than is usual. Damn it, I am turning into a trainspotter but without the Ewan McGregor or the drug money!


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