My new paperback is published and available today: Cheerio, and thanks for the apocalypse. #strongmaleleads #newrelease #prescienttitles

The title is indeed a study of prescience in action.

Cheerio, and thanks for the apocalypse was booted out of the doors of the giants Amazon, iBook, Barnes & Noble, Library Direct, Sony and Gardners Extended Retail at midnight last night.

The book, wild-eyed and trembling, raced across the blasted, deserted wastelands of the banana republic of Obscure Authors’ Oblivion and is now sheltering under a grubby tarpaulin with my three other (current) books, NGLND XPX, The Cat Wore Electric Goggles, and The Dog With The Bakelite Nose. From under their raggy shelter in the cold, pouring rain, they will all continue to watch the sleek black limousines of the mainstream, champagne-swilling “best sellers” come and go.

The new book, like the old books, features strong male leads, mild political incorrectness, and wilfully woefully little to no diversity. I shall doubtless be arrested by the SJW and PC snowflake-police very soon. I am that “jazz hands” resistance movement.


Bazza, Gazza, Shazza, Tom, Dick and Harry
The ruinous class-divide survives The Bomb. Fortunately, Members of Parliament contain, on average, one hundred and twenty-six thousand calories each.

Buttercup Towers and The Pams of Peace
Are you as confused as I about who ought to be within the asylums and who without? Welcome then the “Pams of Peace” – Temazepam, Diazepam, Nitrazepam & Flunitrazepam.

A Better England
The discontinuation of usefulness, and why old people smell so. Modern retirement, in England.

Belphegor and the six-inch nail
What if you had to try your life over and over and over again until you got it “right”?

Elizabeth, Warrior Queen
Hold me close, Dean. Never let me go. Oh no. Future history, in an era when the “science” of archaeology has, mostly, only dug up David Essex.

And they think that I’m insane
God, the Devil, and Albert’s onions. What if this “religion” stuff were true? To whom would you complain when the Devil leaves hoof-marks in your lawn and persists in pi*ssing on your dahlias?

Space, Time, and Pipsqueak
Pipsqueak the dog, based upon the real-life Pipsqueak the hell-hound, gets her three wishes and puts two professors in the shade, but what have we really done with all of that deep thought from the likes of Plato and Aristotle and the even more ancient thinking creatures? Eh? Answer me that, if you can.

Those of you not yet drowned and grateful for the release in your Cornflakes may, should you wish it, follow the links below towards the behemoths of Amazon and iBooks, or perhaps click on the cover below for the standard FREE sample from your local Amazon.

Amazon ibooks

In more domestic news, I am to remain moored up in the bright, no-horse metropolis of Gnosall for a couple of days while I handle the demands and incessant flash-bulbs of the paparazzi, and then we shall mooch on and, mayhap, achieve the half-way mark in our cruise around the diversion to the other side of the Middlewich Breach.

Several other books are in the pipeline, being worked upon. A reality boaty book, a much less serious non-reality boaty book, some more fiction and also a little more fiction.

Chin-chin, chaps, and tally-ho.


Ian H. Admiral, and Paperback writer.


    1. The older I get, the more my dinosaur DNA asserts itself! The world’s gone quite mad, and it requires as many fingers to be pointed at it as may be possible… accompanied by guffaws of derision. Having pointed and guffawed I shall now retreat into my cave to hibernate! 🙂


  1. Exciting! 🤸‍♀️ 🎉🎇 I hope you at least achieve a Tan Toyota Camry level of success. Even if you never achieve the black limo level of success.

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