Reviews are the life-blood of sales on Amazon – and all of my books are anaemic! #narrowboat #England

The latest, Cheerio, and thanks for the apocalypse, does have reviews – two stunning and much-appreciated reviews, one on Amazon “UK” and one on Amazon US. I need more, many, many more… 😉 It’s all want want want with me, isn’t it? Incessant demands in the style of Violet Elizabeth.

Why are reviews important? Because Amazon, behemoth of the interwebnet, changes the way it offers a book to its customers once aforesaid book reaches twenty-five, fifty and such numbers onwards. Twenty-five reviews gets a book on the “customers also looked at” and “customers also bought” suggestions on other book pages. Without a significant bundle of reviews a book is never shown to customers unless they specifically search for it themselves. Reviews sell books, and I would like so very, very much to sell my books!

A request: if you’ve been kind enough to purchase a copy (and you don’t share a surname or a putative address with me – Amazon is sniffy about that) could you please leave me a review? Good, bad or ugly, just two or three truthful lines and anywhere from five to one stars, your review will make a world of difference. Whether you loved it or absolutely loathed it and want to break my favourite typing finger, I would love to know (and to Amazon a review is a review is a review).

A request: if you have a Facebook account, or a Twitter account, or any such similar, whether or not you have purchased a book, could you please follow the link below and tweet or share the book page? Amazon has links to let you do this to the top right of their page. The more the merrier, and the more times the book is mentioned online the more that other behemoth of the interwebnets, Google, considers showing the book when folk search for “fiction” and “fun” and “post-apocalyptic cynicism and satire berating our dullard politicians”.

Click here to go to your local Amazon.

Thank’ee kindly.

Now, the phenomenal reviews that Cheerio &etc has so far… Click on the image to read the beastie in full on Amazon (and click “Helpful” there, too, if you have a mind).



A big thank you to the two reviewers shown above.

I don’t know if this will be an inducement or a disincentive, but when I am not marketing my current books (so that I can eat, buy diesel and pay Messrs CaRT for my boat licence) I am working on a boaty book – three years afloat in nb Cardinal Wolsey, that sort of thing. Wrestling badgers, near-sinkings and humping coal from one boat to another in the depths of winter, it’ll all be in there.

Meantime, in this shameless post, clicking on the image below will take a fellow to their local Amazon page where a free sample (some 20% of the book) may be absorbed, digested and allowed to trickle out with the spent spinal fluid. Ooh… look, there’s a “Share” button there too, he said, without any hint of a partisan motive at all…


Chin-chin for the mo, Ian H., Admiral (Retired), and Cardinal Wolsey (Narrowboat).


  1. I keep reading other authors saying ‘Got another 5* review.’ It makes me so jealous. Not the 5*. No, noy at all. It’s the review part.

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    1. Reviews are a bit like hen’s teeth, it is a miracle whenever someone leaves one, and I really appreciate those who do! Mind you, a lot of folk say £2.75 is too much for a book, while happily parting with a fiver and more for a cup of sludge-like “coffee” from one of those high street chains. Tis a touch deeeeee-pressing at times… 😉


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