Dancing the seventy-five yard hop-along, and the games dogs play #narrowboat #England #canal

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Yesterday’s move was a short one. About seventy-five yards, by the look of it. After six locks, all set agin me, the previous day I just wanted to moor up, eat, drink and be Merry. Merry is one of the Seven Dwarves, I have a costume. Not really. Anyway, as I was saying, most of the canal bank hereabouts is soggy and eroded, covered in an overgrowth of reeds – an overgrowth that probably attracts some sort of “wildlife habitat” grant (I kid you not) – and the only easy moorings are the officially-sanctioned moorings, in towns. I bunged the Cardinal, as much as one may bung a cardinal, onto the first such, a couple of boat lengths beyond the bridge, between the bridge and the blue boat shown above.

The interwebnettings worked – for about five minutes. Then all I was told by my electronic friends was “NO SERVICE”. I had moored either exactly in a signal black-spot, or right next to a public house running one of those signal jammers, the ones that they sometimes use to keep order in the dining room and to make their punters drink more.

This was what is known in England as “a bit of a bugger”, since we have high winds (fifty miles-per-hour gusts) forecast, and I wasn’t planning on moving again until and if.

I bit the bullet at 0800hrs of the O’Clock, and moved. If the folk on that blue boat noticed me they must have wondered, at the very least, ‘what the hecky heck?’ and thought me insane. All of the preparations are, necessarily, the same for a minuscule two-minute hop as they are for a full morning’s cruise. Covers off, fenders up, engine tickled, tiller bar on (something that I sometimes forget, hilariously…), ropes untied and away before the crosswind can send the bows too far across the canal… I caught the bows just in time, they were heading at a rate of knots for the offside shrubbery, intent on jamming me diagonally across the canal.

Pootle pootle poo (the trip was not quite three pootles). Turn the bows against the wind and back towards the bank, ring on the Chadburn for an increase in revolutions to compensate for the breeze…

Mr Wind, then (and still now, in spite of the forecasts) “only” gusting to about twenty-five of the Imperial Miles per Hour, just allowed me to moor up again with some dignity. 🙂

Captain – there be signal here!

No whales, just a couple of bars of 3G not 4G or 2G or 1G signal.

The post-cruise de-preparations are the same for a full morning’s cruise or for a two-minute hop-along… find two rings approximating the length of the Cardinal, on with the ropes quick as, then back and forth adjusting them to look vaguely sensible, out with the fenders, off with the tiller bar, hug Mr Engine &etc &etc.

It’s not a bad spot. It’s better than Stoke. We have houses to starboard…

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…and Dog-Emptier Paradise – oops, I mean, of course – Rode Heath Rise, to port…

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Apparently, Rode Heath Rise is some sort of wild-flower wildlife preserve or some such. Must be full of rare dog-roses, dog-orchids and dog-eggs, if you ask me. I haven’t seen any wild haggis or lesser-spotted Wimpole’s Frumptysquode so far. Not so much as a squirrel.

It is, however, a great spot for people-watching and for dog-watching.

It is not true that people look like their dogs or that dogs look like their owners; most of the dogs are much better-looking, no matter from which end you view them.

It is true, however, that dogs reflect the personality – and neuroses (neurosises?) and psychopathick pathologies – of their (putatively) human keepers. Some dogs are just well-balanced and sane and happy, from which I conclude that their human keepers are probably drugged up to the NHS eyeballs on the Pams of Peace (Diazepam, Temazepam, Nitrazepam, Flunitrazepam or chilled Methylated Spirits with a dash of Angosture Bitters and a slice of lemon). A lot of dogs are as jittery and as insecure as their humans. The whole spectrum of human/dog insanity walks past a narrowboat if you wait long enough, although it is, of course, the usual flattened “bell curve” that we are all familiar with boing boing whistle moo fribble de-clomp, Claude, look at me – I’m normal.

One particularly sad, “modern” case walked past yesterday afternoon. A dog desperate to involve his human in a game with sticks, throw, fetch, snuffle (but without the throw in this case). His human had her nose buried so deeply in her mobile phone that she occasionally stumbled, and these occasions were the only time that she looked up from her screen – to see what she had stumbled on. The dog was trying his hardest to share a good game, to interact with his human, but all to no avail from one horizon to the other. I wonder how many years he’ll keep trying, before he gives it up as a lost cause?

There’s a quite vocal spaniel of some sort in one of the houses opposite, and his first job in the mornings is to alert his human to the presence of the two local swans, reporting for their breakfast. This fine, dull, wet, windy January morning he barked, barked, barked but to no avail, and so switched his tactics to wag-wag go-and-fetch-the-old-bugger. This was more effective, and his human, something with pasty-white stork-legs, crumpled boxer-shorts, flip-flops and the wife’s baby-doll dressing-gown tip-toed across his back lawn to feed the birds, stale bread in hand.

Some things, once seen, may never be unseen. Sadly.

Two blokes are stolling past as I type this, chatting and laughing. They have with them two sane dogs – albeit perhaps dogs a touch too small and “designer” to be their own first choice of hound. The dogs, too, are chatting and laughing with one another, and putting into practice Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Dogs… (probably having been taught this law by their humans…)

Newton’s First Law of Dogs: If you can’t eat it, play with it or shag it, then sh*it on it and move on without looking back.

Dreamy Blend Photo Effect: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/dreamy-blend

The Cardinal and I will like as not stay here until I see proof or disproof of the meteorological forecasts in re wind, and then we’ve got mayhap three or four multi-lock hoppings on to get us to the throbbing Metropolis of Middlewich. Of course, yonder Met Office have promised freezing temperatures once the wind goes away, so we may be frustrated in our plans by icebergs and polar bear migrations. We shall see, ce sera sera, tis not under my control.

Not much is, really.

So there you have it. One of the silliest, shortest moves in the history of commercial narrowboating, and one which I am certain would not have been entertained in horse-drawn cargo-carrying days. How times change.

I must change, too. I think I’ll dress for lunch today, full ceremonial uniform with sword and all of the gold braid that I can muster. I am having Heinz Baked Beanz on Toazt.

Other than this – including this – there’s really little to no gossip or scandal from the vicinity of the Cardinal.

Batten down the hatches (again) and double-check the ropes.

Oh, and per-lease – if your dog is desperate to interact with you, do have at least the good grace to make eye-contact with him. Otherwise, in a few constantly-disappointed years’ time he may well begin pooping into your slippers, and it’s no good your coming crying buckets to me then, complaining that you don’t understand why Fido is so distant with you.


Ian H and Cardinal W.


  1. Isn’t it a sad sight, be it dog or child wanting to engage with a smombie (smart phone zombie)? I have already read about children demanding from their parents to put the bl**** things down.

    I am not one to easily swear and I have newly acquired one of those bl**** things myself in December, but they really, really steal your time and you have to have more self discipline in usage of that bl**** device. I am up for over an hour already and mine is still turned off … But then I am not a digital native, being 50 now.

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    1. I confess that I too own one of the things – I’d much rather a mobile that just made phone calls, but they seem to be a rare and endangered species these days. Since the phone signal is usually worse than the mifi signal I rarely have mine turned on, and even on the monumentally-rare occasion when it rings I have little to no idea how to answer it – it’s a “swipe” or something, but in which direction I have no idea.

      When televisions were first available (a similar mind-numbing device) they were something like 10″ screens… and everyone now thinks that they are silly in comparison to the 60″ in so many homes… and yet they ignore the world to stare for hours at a 5″ smartphone screen,,, Maybe in years to come smartphones will have 60″ screens, and we’ll (they’ll) all need Zimmer frames to perch them on? 😉

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    1. Yous most welcome! It is ironic and funny that here I am berating folk with their heads stuck in their mobile phones and yet I moved my home a few yards just so that I can check my own emails and blog twice a day! What was it that Rabbi McBurns said? Oh Lord, the giftie gi’us, tae see oorselves as other see us. 😉

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  2. Personally, I rather hopefully view the sight of head-down-nose-in-the-mobile-phone pedestrians as being ripe for a bit of natural selection. What canal?

    And certainly an improvement on Stoke.

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    1. I think that the official statistics are also now reflecting significant rises in injuries and deaths caused when people “just walked out in to busy road traffic”. No surprise there then. New technologies are a strange beast – we grasp the new and then frantically find ways to use it to do something old-fashioned or retrograde!

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        1. Driverless cars? ‘Microsoft Automotive is updating Brakes, Steering & Airbag software. Please do not use brakes, steering or airbags while update is taking place.’ ‘MiFi Connection lost…’

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    1. May your banana dish contain all of the yellows of the rainbow, may your bamboo shoots be wham bam. 🙂 I woke this morning to find the Cardinal surrounded on all sides by worm-danglers, there is some sort of angling match going on. Fifty miles-per-hour winds and they’re all busy trying to land a worm in just the right spot on the choppy canal waters… I hope that they’re having fun!

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        1. I did notice part-way through the day that one of them was running along the towpath – his super-light, circa £3,000 carbon-fibre multi-section fishing pole had blown away, and he was chasing it!

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  3. The addiction to technology is a real and valid curse. I understand your tiny hop. I have the addiction too. Although I don’t walk while looking at my phone.
    A few months ago we had a shooting here at the headquarters to a bank. (I know – seems like that would happen more often, doesn’t it?) Anyway, one of the people who got shot walked into it while staring at her phone. Walked passed multiple people hiding under their desks and never noticed any of it. And was shot as a result.
    I prefer to be more aware of my surroundings. I often enough trip without being distracted, I imagine I would walk in front of a bus if I was looking at my phone.

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    1. What an ignominious way to go – shot while browsing! Quite often hire boats will pass by – and these cost roughly £800 to £1200 a week to hire – with everyone aboard looking down at their phones, whoever is on the tiller just glancing up occasionally. I do wonder why they bother!

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  4. Here’s a coinicidence after my post today on ‘turds’, you made me laugh a lot with this one, especially the swan feeder!

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    1. It was wrong of me, of course, to assume that the baby-doll nightie was his wife’s – he may well live alone for all that I know. Whatever, though, the combination did not sit well. 😉


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