It is St George’s Day, and England’s frog is very nearly boiled. #England #StGeorge #Molotov

England has been virtually destroyed over the past fifty years.

If you doubt that then let me offer the following – when you saw this blog post with the Flag of St George displayed, read the title and copped even just the first line of this text, your first, sneaking, shady thought was “far-right” “nationalist” “fascist” and – probably – “look, Mr Policeperson, I’m reading this but before I even do so let me affirm and virtue-signal that I don’t believe any of it, really…”

Can any of us even come up with positive things to say about England and the English these days without there being some negative label attached to it? Your social training – my social training – in the “correct” way of thinking runs deep… for I am actually not fascist or far-right or any of those things, not even close – although you’ll never quite be convinced of that ever again now, will you?

You and I have been taught not just what to think but how we should think.

At the risk of “virtue signalling” in the current vein myself, I do believe in fluffy laissez-faire social bunnies, in individuality, in self-expression and in a form of benevolent socialism. Within the framework of a caring, minimally-sized Establishment, be who and what you want to be, pay your dues and do no harm – in a society that values and safeguards all of its individuals and their various freedoms… so nuts to your thoughts of far-right and fascist and wotnot just because I mentioned England.

I am not stupid, I am not some “demon” and I do know well enough to correct for nostalgia and other cognitive ailments-of-the-thinking-gland. Intelligent thought and opinion, whatever we have been taught for these years, is not the sole preserve of the metropolitan hive mind.

We own nothing – all of our industry and National assets, our entire infrastructure is owned by either faceless individuals, faceless groups hiding under the anonymity of layer upon layer of corporate identity, or by foreign bodies be they national or individual.

Everything is mortgaged to the hilt. Everything – everything – is available at a price. The Pound Sterling is, both at home and internationally, nought but Monopoly money. Show me a business (larger than the “family owned” sort) and I’ll show you a workplace ethic of maximum-hours, minimum-wage, and a management that is intent upon blood-sucking its annual profit from each and every transaction and bugger repeat business because the customers are a captive audience. Banks are trying to be bus companies, bus companies are pushing religion, builders stick up ticky-tacky at a hundred to the acre, the big three (two, now?) “super”-markets are crushing the lives out of the last of the non-pension-fund-owned farmers.

Pension funds – all except those of our glorious masters, the Members of Parliament – aren’t ring-fenced. Money is drained from them left, right and centre by the companies supposed to be putting money into them, and then when they collapse leaving workers with nothing to retire on it is somehow the fault of those retiring-employee individuals.

Don’t even get me begun on “our” politicians. I laughed at ‘Merica when presented for choice in their previous presidential elections were Trumpington, “you’ll never convict me but everyone who opposes me has an accident” Clinton and whoever the other clown was to make up the set. Well, those clowns have been eclipsed now, by England’s politicians. Wholly eclipsed.

A bigger nest of self-serving, self-interested, navel-gazing, thieving, lying, cheating, small-minded, arrogant (&etc &etc) bastards you will not find. Did I list incompetence? It is perhaps the one thing that they excel at, and there’s a paradox for you. They don’t even bother to hide their corruption these days. Out of some six hundred and fifty members of Parliament (“Parliament”) and eight hundred in the House of Lords and – what? – seventy odd in the European parliament-ish-thingy there are perhaps two that I would trust to walk a dog and come back with a living dog.

I am afraid, as Basil Fawlty once remarked, that I am going to have to mention “the war”, and I don’t think that I am going to get away with it. The rot, methinks, set in when England lost World War Two. We didn’t just lose that very, very expensive war to our obvious foe-du-jour, we lost it to the United States of America (and a bigger, more bullying colonial power than the U.S.A. there has never, ever been). We were doomed from that point on, although like most illnesses, it took a while before it began to show. In effect, Western Culture has been killed to death by Western culture. It’s not the foot that we’ve shot ourselves in, it’s the fundamentals.

The English do nothing. We are barely allowed to even refer to ourselves as English these days, and if we do then we must also immediately offer an abject, grovelling apology for the sins of our forebears and the crimes of the Empire. Political “correctness” silences all opinion other than the alien zeitgeist of maniacal matriarchal marxism. Everyone who is still allowed a voice screams incessantly about rights – with not one whisper about concomitant responsibilities.

This tactic of gagging any and all dissent is merely “belt and braces” social engineering, for the population is, anyway, thoroughly anaesthetised and sleep-walking into submission. I just know that Fritz Lang is somewhere just out of view, directing this farce and about to shout “Cut!”. Neaten up your uniform, shuffle forward quietly…

The news presented to the masses is carefully chosen and edited – terror. Terror everywhere and not a drop of life to be celebrated. For example. Par example. Riots in France for six months, and “our” mainstream media mentions it occasionally as “motorbikes burned in Paris” or “President Marcel Marceau cancels lecture (oops, I mean of course “speech”) to “Yellow Jackets”.

As though a “Yellow Jacket” is some sort of pestilential wasp rather than a thoroughly and quite reasonably disgruntled Frenchman.

We no longer have the balls for the necessary rioting in England. The public were neutered long, long ago. Do you know that in English law you no longer have the “right to silence” when arrested? Silence is taken legally as an admission of guilt. You can now be tried over and over and over again for the same offence. Fewer and fewer “crimes” are put before a jury, and more and more are now heard in secret courts – I even heard the word “tribunal” bandied about last year.

Jebus H. Christ Almighty (expostulated the atheist in exasperation).

No-one seems bothered. They all totter off to “claim” “their” almost-out-of-date but-it-will-fill-you-up tat from the local “Food Bank” (Food Banks run by charities with offices in Mayfair and whose executive team all earn circa six or seven times the national average wage – for a sixth or a seventh of hours worked, while local volunteers do any of the icky stuff such as actually working).

Shout ‘Police! Help!’ and these days, if you’re very, very lucky indeed, you won’t be answered by a panda or a crime car squealing to a halt and two big and burly coppers coming to your aid, you’ll get a “Crime Number” and be told to call the Samaritans to get assistance with PTSD. In some areas, the wealthy areas, you might, just might, see a Plastic PC – i.e., has the uniform but not the powers, has not had the training, doesn’t have the backup or the work ethic and costs less than half of what a real policeman costs.

Tweet the wrong tweet though and you’ll find yourself on the end of the Assange Manoeuvre, cable-tied and horizontal, heading for the back of a van.

It’s all very sad indeed. The seeds were sown long ago, and they were sown generously. I haven’t even mentioned the tiny little grindingly-annoying seeds of dissention, those “divide and rule” wonders, such as that in England a medical prescription from our “free” (!!!) National Health Service costs £9, while in Scotland and Wales – £zero – da nada. Look around you and you will see a million such irksome little tactics – right up to and including the fact that while the other countries of the “United” Kingdom have representatives in England’s parliament – Westminster – the English do not have representation in theirs. [Yes, it’s complicated, but that is the essence of it.]

Nota Bene for those foreign chaps among you, the “free” National Health Service is anything but, with each worker contributing a percentage (something like 8% between limits) of their wage towards it, and the employer contributing a higher percentage (again, between limits) from the company coffers. It is not free, never has been – it was though, a wonderful thing. On top of this contribution via tax there are now charges for almost everything – dental work costs between £20 and £250 per treatment, for example. Free? I don’t think so – unless you’re a politicians, to whom £250 is small change.

So, St George’s Day eh? Well, for decades now the public has been trained (like poodles in a show) to be ashamed of history, to apologise for supposed white/male/Western/whatever “privilege” and to embrace an un-named, ill-defined nebulous something else instead. That the past was the past and that social mores were very, very different in the past has been whitewashed (oops!) from the textbooks, we’re all supposed to base our new-found guilt on judging the foundation of our existence using modern (“modern”) standards.

Well, bollocks to that.

Bollocks to political correctness and bollocks to the Orwellian nightmare that has trampled not just England, but most of Western culture.

When I look around me on this St George’s Day all that I can see is the ghost of a tired old country, a ghost gripped by social disease (no, not those sorts of social disease! Although… Parliament… probably, since they can’t one of them keep it in their trousers/skirts).

Where once we were a people we are now a farmed resource counted by the profit we make for mindless, faceless, unaccountable masters. This husk of country, over which Money is Lord and Master, is nothing more now than a vehicle for profit. If you doubt this then ask yourself when and why the old familiar “Personnel Department” morphed universally into something quite deliberately re-titled as “Human Resources“.

Coal is a resource. Iron ore is a resource. On farms shit is a resource. When did humans get put into the same category? Ask yourself the reason for the change.

Has England – and most of the rest of Western civilisation – descended too far into the pit to be recoverable? Probably. Whatever happens, it is a hell of a long way back now to any semblance of sanity. There are many of us who have been stockpiling milk-bottles, but only a very few who could actually afford to fill them with the necessary petrol.

England’s frog is very, very nearly boiled.

Happy St George’s Day.

p.s., if you have read this then may I say that I hope that you appreciate a little of the self-restraint and control that I ordinarily exercise by avoiding such political expressions on the other three-hundred-and-sixty-four less political days of my year! 😉

Painted relief of St George and the Dragon at Lincoln Cathedral


  1. It is so f**king messed up, on so many levels … and the truly infuriating thing is that it doesn’t have to be. The solutions are so f**king simple, and yet all that energy is used up doing otherwise.

    In a past life I used to be a ‘watcher’ during exams. One of the people who walks around keeping an eye out for cheaters, and there was always at least one. Some of the schemes they thought up were quite impressive, but I’d always think to myself, all that energy, put into cheating (and getting caught) when they could spend half of that energy studying and pass with flying colours.

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    1. Exactly so – if even the current crop of rather mediocre politicians put their effort into their jobs instead of into scheming and cheating then the human species might be in clover.

      What worries me is that the coming backlash to all of this over-played stuff is going to wipe away any and all of the great good that people (not politicians) have wrought in recent times. The proverbial baby will be thrown out with the dirty bath-water.

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  2. Restraint appreciated. And you might be interested / curious to hear that I, who am certainly on the left of the political spectrum, agree with a very large amount of what you say.

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    1. Thank’ee – and thank’ee! I’ve never really bought into any of the “pre-packaged” politics (left/right/centre) but prefer instead to grok each issue individually. I believe wholeheartedly that the only reason any state has for existing is to take care of the sick, the elderly, the poor and the will-never-copes – everyone and everything that individuals and commerce just won’t ever cater for. Beyond acting like a teacher in the quad at break-time, the state should keep its nose out of things. With Homo Dickheadius in the equation though I think that the best we can hope for is to keep the pot well stirred, throw out the political stew entirely once in a while and to bumble along as best we can – not an efficient approach, but a human one.

      The parallels drawn with what is happening in the twenty-teens and what happened in Germany in the nineteen-thirties do have a worrying amount of substance to them methinks. We are walking along the same precipice, and we’re not terribly steady on our feet, we might fall in any number of ways. ;-(

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      1. I find it truly frightening. Country after country seems to be walking down the rabidly nationalistic road, voicing louder and louder threats against anyone who doesn’t fit in with their ideals. Coupled with the truly appalling way the world is refusing to tackle the way the environment is going to hell in a handcart, I’m beginning to feel mighty glad I won’t be around in fifty years time to see the fallout.

        And I agree about governments, largely. I always feel the measure of a society is how it looks after its vulnerable. And we aren’t even much good at that at the moment.

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  3. Well said! It is a Western Civilization demise. Of course, no one a century from now will know it, especially in my home country, the U.S., because “we” firmly believe in revisionist history. Of course, our Humpty Dumpty changes his tales daily to suit his few fans and gain favors from the faceless corporate masters.

    The eight years I spent in England were some of the best and most fondly remembered of my lifetime. Now I fear the “old country” is falling as the U.S. has fallen.

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    1. One point of fascination that I find in the state of world these days is the iron grip of misinformation and sheer deceit – if we have no grasp of what is happening real time, all around us then how inaccurate is the “history” that we’ve been taught likely to be? It is ironic that in this much-vaunted “age of information” we all actually know nothing for certain.

      One thing that I would put money on though is that should enough humans survive this little era of ours to have the leisure and botheration to commit “history” to paper, we will be written up as The Age of Idiots! Such a great time to be alive, and yet such an embarrassing time in which to have been included.

      Instead of being a peasant alive during the walk out of the Rift Valley or the Stone Age or the Iron Age or the Renaissance or even the adventurous and industrious Victorian Times we will be recorded (as a statistic) as having been alive during The Great Nonsense (a curious period during which Homo Sapiens eagerly unlearned and did away with so much of what he had spent the previous sixty-thousand years trying to learn and create)! 😉

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  4. I just listened to a podcast with an social scientist who thinks our polarized politics is a result of increased income gaps. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class gain no ground, but since the rich are gaining – it feels like they are losing ground.
    He thinks it makes people retreat to the farthest corners of their own beliefs. So conservative get more conservative and liberals get more liberal. But for the same reasons – the feeling that we are losing ground.
    I’m not sure I think that’s what’s causing the polarization. I just know that that politics feels much more divisive than when I was young. And it no longer feels like the politicians are even trying. I used to have a vague trust in the authority of government. But that trust keeps being broken and nothing gets done to those who break it. I still find myself tripping over that trust though. Like a sheep.
    As you say – the western world is killing itself.

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    1. I think that the current vast income and wealth gaps don’t help the problem, but then it is difficult to point to a single sphere of public life in which competence, altruism and statesmanship reigns! The entire barrel of apples is mouldy and I can see only one approach to cleaning up that scale of problem…

      We don’t seem to have even one leading light with two brain cells to rub together or an interest in anything other than their own pockets. Grrrrrrrrrrr. 😉

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  5. …..and what’s more, thanks to this post, I wouldn’t have known it was St George’s Day! I watch the news a lot (maybe compulsively if I’m honest) did it get a mention? Do any of them? I was in UAE seven years ago, Fujairah, for the weekend of St Patrick’s Day – big boozey celebrations (and this in a country where alcohol is banned) they put on! Bought me some Christmas Tree decorations to bring home with me, but here we aren’t allowed to mention Christmas Trees or Easter Eggs in case we offend someone else’s religion. It’s not ‘them’ that is destroying our culture it is us. Happy St George’s Day folks!

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    1. That is the really sad fact – “our” apathy is what has allowed this nonsense to rise and take over – we keep on accepting it and putting up with it. The whole population needs a poke with a sharp stick! 😉


  6. And Breathe. Quite a torrent – All true mind.
    Seriously SERIOUSLY thinking of spoinling my Ballot paper on the Euro Elections (no local elections for my borough). Can you imagine.
    Labour 2500
    Conservative 1824
    Lib Dem 876
    UKIP 205
    Others 270
    Spoiled Ballot Papers 3800

    That could and should send a message

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    1. A few countries in Europe do actually have a “None of the above” box on their ballot papers. I’d love to see that on ours, and if “None of the above” gets the majority of votes then those candidates are barred from standing for election again for at least five years or something. It would pose an interesting problem if (when!) all current MPs and prospective candidates were refused and barred…

      The combination of corruption and incompetence in the current batch makes my blood boil! 🙂


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