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One of the several most excellent businesses located in the vi-cin-it-ee of Venetian Marina goes under the name of “Narrowboat Glass”.

It is a name that does and doesn’t do justice to the craftsmanship and artistry involved.

I had a mooch around during the recent Marina open day event.

A(nother) magnificent item, even if it does feature (unroasted) swans abounding.

It goes without saying, although I’ll say it anyway, that this is all hand-made, and of the highest quality.

Narrowboat Glass website.

Narrowboat Glass on “The FaceBook” thingy.

You ought not to be surprised to discover that it’s painstaking work.

It’s neither a quick thing nor an easy thing to create work like this. The Jedi may have the force but Narrowboat Glass have the skill.

Although I regret to say that a recent large piece did feature “bastard ‘orrible swans” (see previous posts here for my opinion of swans). 😉

Heck, they even do spiders, and we all know my opinion of spiders.

A portion of detail from the sign outside the workshop-studio.

The obvious corollary is that we also all now know the opinion that swans and spiders hold of me.

Anyway. I digress.

If you have a look at their website you will find all manner of items, functional and decorative, from bow doors to cratch bling to portholes and other, more domestic items such as would be understood by landlubber types.

Narrowboat Glass.

Fancy a touch of tasteful bling to sparkle in the star-shine?

I recommend that you follow the links and have a gander.

You do not have to have a narrowboat in order to purchase and enjoy a dirty-great lump of Narrowboat Glass! Bricks and mortar homes can benefit from some sparkle too.

It is amazing what you can find on or alongside England’s canals.

Narrowboat Glass, spiders, swans…



Ian H.



  1. The spider stalking a butterfly is gorgeously grim. Mind you, the butterfly looks like it could give as good as it gets … mow if there were one of a spider and a swan in mortal combat … 😀

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