Phew! #narrowboat #boating #dogs

I am very pleased to be able to report that yesterday not one, but two dogs made my acquaintance, were happy to have their hairy chests tickled and were not, in fact, absolutely terrified of me.

One was a puppy called Rufus, and t’other was a lovely little lady from a few boats down the towpath who sized me up from a distance and then walked up to greet me. We had a fuss, a snuggle, she marked the towpath territory right alongside the Cardinal’s bow and then we both went about our routines.


Paws crossed that the recent blip in my doggy-mojo is no more (and never will be again).

FYI., the hound in the photograph is (was) Pipsqueak, the bane of my sister’s life for many years. Politely described as “an independently-minded dog, with a sufficiency of determination to do exactly what she pleased, when she pleased, how she pleased and what, puny human, are you going to do about it?”



  1. Seeing that cheeky face again has made me book in for further therapy sessions, all these years later and I still bear the scars. x

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  2. I love Pipsqueak as immortalised in ‘Space, Time, and Pipsqueak’ and so very pleased your dog following has returned. I still think the Hounds of the Baskervilles may have been looking beyond the Hutson frame, dogs are very sensitive to things we humans cannot see.

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    1. They are indeed, we’ve (mostly) all of us seen dogs just suddenly staring into the corners of rooms for no (humanly-)apparent reason! Pipsqueak was a hound easy for me to love – because I didn’t have to do battle with her every day, all day, the way the Sis had to… She was a dog that had the measure of humans, that one, and she found us wanting!


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