From howling winds to blue sky to flat o’calm and huge (meteorological, not social) snowflakes #narrowboat #boating #England

Howling winds trying to blow the covers off earlier this morning.


Blue sky and a touch of sunshine, ditto.


Muffled quiet. flat calm and massive, soggy-wet snowflakes this afternoon.



From my solar panels feeding at near two-thirds of maximum, to this…


Very picturesque, but this isn’t nice, soft, powdery, “dry” snow. Nope, this is soggy and wet and it’ll cover the roads and then freeze in an hour or two’s time. Lovely jubbly.

Ing-er-lund in winter.

If the snow continues the telecoms may be interrupted – there’s only one bar of 4G on these moorings, and not that when there’s a couple of miles of snowfall for the signal to get through to the nearest mast.

Tis lovely.


It’s also ruddy cold outside now, nose-bitingly cold. Oh – hang on – as I type this it’s stopped snowing and is now raining again. ItΒ was slanting in from the west, but now this rain is slanting in from the east. Oh – now that’s stopped too. Ah – some of the wind is back.

It’ll be dark again in a couple of hours’ time. I wonder what I’ll wake up to in the morning? White-out or mud-fest or wind in the willows?

Mr Stove and I have some debating to do.

It’s all jolly good fun, isn’t it?


Ian H.


    1. I think that perhaps Daisy, our heifer, clipped it with her heels as she was blown over it on the way to the moon. I’ll send the dog out to find the beast and see what can be done with the English Space Agency trebuchet to re-launch it. So sorry. ;-(

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    1. There is a fresh bite to the air now that was not there hitherto – an angry nip on the nose and fingers. I shall be breaking out the longjohns and the thermal everythings today. πŸ™‚ Stay warm yourself. πŸ™‚

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  1. Ooo, err Mr Shifter, it’s snowing here too! Big thick snow flakes and we weren’t meant to get it til Thursday!

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    1. They were huge flakes, weren’t they? A good two inches across a my best estimate. Big and soggy like me and all gone this morning!


  2. Well, you can at least know that the weather will happen in one way or t’another. But she does seem to be in a bit of a frenzy of indecision. Perhaps the fit she threw with the storm has unsettled her more than is normal.

    ALTHOUGH, it does seem like she’s never been particularly well settled in your neighborhood. It’s not like living in the Sahara where they have hot and dry with occasional days of extra hot, no rain. Imagine how bored those people are, knowing as they do, just what the weather will be 15 minutes from now. It’s got to just wear on a person.

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    1. This much is true. The only thing I’m ungruntled with today is that the sky is half clear and blue, half covered in cloud. Why oh why must the cloud cover be on the “sun” side of the sky? Could it not just be reversed? Would it really cost so much? πŸ˜‰

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