Even if I could get to the shops I am not buying green bananas at the moment #narrowboat #boating #boatsthattweet

Who knows if we’re going to be around when they ripen?

Vast amounts of information and misinformation abounding.

You have to average out the news and make a “best guess”.

Would like to share with you though a couple of youtube channels that might be of interest. Instead of the channels I’ll share couple of recent videos and you can decide for yourselves whether to subscribe or not.

This channel is a Junior Doctor working in an A&E department.


This guy is a nurse-teaching chap PhD for whom I know not the correct honorific.


Thanks be to our great and glorious Canal & River Trust Executive who are encouraging the world and its hamster to come on down to the canals (effectively “my” garden and a LOT less than the recommended six feet/two metres separation) and do strenuous things such as cycling, jogging and walking-when-the-farthest-you-ordinarily-walk-is-from-television-to-refreigerator-to-toilet – and all of the breathing down my neck that this entails, the foot traffic past the Cardinal has increased several fold even in this quiet spot.

The highlight of today was a gentleman who paused about eighteen inches away from my “study” window to enthusiastically and comprehensively empty his nose into an incredibly old, worn and discoloured cotton handkerchief, then have a little coughing fit and stagger on. Folk think I’m a wuss to wear a layer of hand sanitiser – when I can get any – when handling ropes and the boat in general…

Thanks, Corporate C&RT, if I ever get the chance – if I can ever engineer the chance – to return the favour, rest assured.

Never seen so many obvious non-walkers staggering and tottering (and wheezing) along the towpath with unfamiliar dogs in similar states of physical decay, all sans poo-bags and all not quite savvy that people live on these boats and they are being watched as they ignore Bonzer’s freshly squeezed shit-pile or try half-heartedly to kick it into the canal or hedgerow.

Anyway. Whatever as the yoof of tudday say.

Hope that these are of some interest and/or help.

Keep buggering on.

Please leave any useful links in the comments. If the spam filter cusses at you then separate them and use “dot” for “.” or something, and I’ll edit them into meaningful links asap.

Ian H. & Cardinal W.

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  1. I’ve been watching Dr. John Campbell for about 2 months now and I find him to be informative, and yet calming and I’ve recommended his channel to a number of people.
    I have to say that I’m quite shocked at how Brits are just completely ignoring the situation if not flagrantly disobeying the rules.
    My office locked up last Tuesday and the only day I ventured out was early Saturday morning to get a few fresh groceries. The supermarket only let in a few at a time, everyone lined up peacefully and kept their distance and the store had X’s taped to the floor where we had to stand during check out time so that we were the correct distance apart. I was impressed.
    Will only venture out this Tuesday – again very early – to do a couple of hours at the office (the only person who will be in is one of the caretakers so we can keep our distance). After that I will go back into social distancing and won’t venture out except for the occasional early morning walk – well away from others (which is easy as I live near a big conservation area). If the rules are tightened to total lockdown (which I suspect may happen) then I will venture out maybe once every two weeks for groceries.
    Good luck – try not to push the idiots out there into the canal!

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    1. That sounds like a good plan that you’ve got there, I wish you well.

      In England there are some very distinct groups of folk and this pandemic is putting a spotlight on all of them. In London half of the Royal Parks were jam-packed with people yesterday, all cycling and jogging for their health – in fetid, thrice-breathed air!

      It sort of helps that I have always visualised people – myself included – as apes walkign along trailing a fog of germs and unpleasantness behind them (us). I consciously avoid the trails and nose-breathe rather than mimic goldfish. I don’t know if this habit helps, but it can’t hurt. 🙂


  2. Humans – can’t live with ’em … and don’t want to.
    Our little street consists of half permanent residents and half holiday houses that bring in hordes of people during summer. (bah, humbug, gnashing of teeth, etc) but, now that all schools are closed ‘indefinitely’ and businesses are closing left, right, and center, a few of those self-isolating ijits are gathering their clans together and taking an early holiday, here … at least the smells of their BBQ’s cover up the stench from the farms downwind who are spraying the remnants of decaying corpses on their fields to fertilise them. Ah, Spring in the countryside in the Time of the Plague!

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    1. I was amazed at the groups and three-generation families all out walking yesterday as though fresh air gave them immunity (my fresh air!!!), all squeezing past one another – and doubtless having parked their people-carriers in the marina car park where they could all congregate again. Tis no wonder, no wonder at all that The Black Death took hold the way it did, we’re all supposed to be so sophistcated and clever and ejucamated these days and we can’t even just sit at home when asked to. Crazy.

      It is especially wonderful when these people come out to “exercise” in what is effectively my back yard! Gatling gun at the ready, methinks, for today… 😉

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  3. I am not mentally strong enough to watch anything about this virus at the moment – I have stopped listening to the radio (I don’t have TV) and am trying to avoid anything on Facebook and Twitter. I hope that you continue to be well Ian. My ver best wishes to you.

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    1. I know that feeling. Don’t worry, this blog won’t be turning into a virus information service, I just mentioned those two because they’re both cool and calm, one seems plausible and factual and the other reminds us that real people are staffing hospitals at this time (and they’re as worried as are we).

      Keep on keeping on. This feels a little like queuing up for our turn at Russian roulette, and I suppose that’s exactly what it is – but the longer you hold out, the more the medical profession will know, the closer a vaccine will be – and there’ll be more chance of a ventilator should you/I/we/anyone need one. Hold on. 😉

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  4. I love Dr. Campbell’s videos. He’s so full of actual detail and yet so accessible. For info on the virus and all sort of health related debunking, I also like Healthcare Triage on youtube. This link is the COVID-19 playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkfBg8ML-gInLE6sZ304zcFWatvP1REjW

    Earlier in the week the few remaining souls at my job went into a panic because someone said they were going to stop selling alcohol. It struck me as an imbecilic idea considering we have ACTUAL evidence that it is a bad idea. Turned out to be part of the rumor mill / misinformation that floods the streets here. Another one was “Drink warm water! It kills the virus!” Uh-huh. That one was obviously wrong. WTF, people?! We don’t live in the dark ages. How are you falling for such nonsense?

    I’m watching gardening channels and cooking channels to get through the anxiety.

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    1. Thank’ee! I agree wholeheartedly about antidotes – I’ve just watched one of my go-to DVDs – Master & Commander – and totally forgot the world for two hours!

      One of my all-time favourite departures from current reality is the Victorian Kitchen (Ruth Mott) and the Victorian Kitchen Garden. https://youtu.be/pQ0wQh6FUvU may get you there on u-bend. Otherwise a search on that Rainforest site…. 😉

      There are folk around here in such deep denial that their backside must be visible in Australia. Best one today was ‘We’ve only had a few thousand cases and a couple of hundred deaths in England so why is everyone worrying?’ Um… My reaction is “not my circus not my monkeys – and certainly not my job to change opinions such as that”! Smile and walk away (even farther away). 😉

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        1. The interwebnetsonline were creaking yesterday (and I am on a mobile connection, not a land-line). I imagine that he world and its dog was looking for photos of cats and/or someone’s lunch!

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