Pressed paper fire-brick test drive #narrowboat #boating #boatsthattweet

One pressed and dried pulped paper fire-brick.

Seated on the minimum of kindling that Mr Stove requires in order to burn anything.

Put Fukushima nuclear fuel rods in my stove and it would still need kindling, and lots of it, to get ’em alight. My stove is, quite frankly, a miserable bastard if he’s not in the mood.

One such brick – thank’ee kindly to the manufacturer 🙂 – raised the saloon temperature from 56°F to 68°F in 40 minutes, and gave a nice, rosy glow while doing so.

For those of you who were not schooled in a dozen variations from Scottish institution to hippie do-as-you-please joint during the sixties and seventies that’s 13°C to 20°C in 40 decimal new-minutes.

Brick was spent after mayhap fifty minutes whereupon more kindling and coal was added to continue in the conventional manner.

Most splendid item indeed.

This test took place some weeks ago.

How miserable is my stove?

It’s 7°C  or 44°F here this morning, dark and on and off quite breezy.

Even the kindling won’t stay lit this morning.