When you think about it 2020 has been the best history lesson ever…

…and we’re still only about half-way through.

One thing that has always puzzled me is the whole-of-population process that must have taken place in – for example – Germany in the nineteen-twenties and nineteen-thirties to allow the regime that rose to power to rise and to allow what happened to happen.

Well, now we know. In England in just six months we’ve peacefully, even eagerly, certainly without (much) protest, submitted ourselves to house-arrest, have accepted the total loss of credibility in any and all “news” and “government” sources, have adapted our behaviour incredibly to avoid even coming close to one another, have become a nation of snitches, reporting minor infractions of the new rules and the majority have been staying home or going out on the orders of whatever minor “government” figure or “civil” “servant” cared to stand on their hind legs and speak.

Doubtless in the coming months and years we’ll also quietly accept vast inflation, chuffing local councillors having the power to order us back under “house arrest”, the inexorable rise of control by huge and faceless, non-contactable-by-ordinary-man multi-national corporations and the continued presence and rise of the most universally p*ss-weak and self-interested corruption (*new collective noun I’ve just coined) of politicians. Snowflake “culture”, blm racism/rabble-rousing and the imposition of eight billion self-identified self-interest “groups” – did any of us ask for (or want) that? Nope, but we’ve gone along with it, just as the vastly perfectly nice, vastly perfectly sane and reasonable population of Germany did; by the same process of just trying to live decent and quiet lives (while the loonies rampaged and everything about us changed without needing our agreement or consent).

That is how Herr A.H. & Co. Ltd. came to prominence and power, exactly so, and exactly so all of the other unbelievable regimes (Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin, Gaddafi, Mugabe, Bosnia/Serbia/Croatia, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Tony Blair – you name the evil and the horror). Most of us, myself included, have no idea what’s going on – or even whether there is a new concentration camp built and fully operational just over the horizon from where I am sitting and typing. Just think of the orders barked out, the huge changes we’ve (mostly) all made in our lives and to our behaviour. It didn’t take much effort, did it, from “they who must be obeyed”. Just a few items in the news, a few weeks of daily “Briefings” from Boris-The-Turnip and his pantomime minions. That’s all it took – no Challenger Tanks on the suburban streets (well, not to impose the changes here, and you can’t count the already-insane colonies like U.S.A. et al).

Interesting, innit?

Well, I thought so.

An entire nation – an entire planet – going weird, good, bad or even “purely evil” doesn’t just happen, we make it happen. Individually we’re all such nice people, but it’s the nature of the beast that collectively we’ll swerve left or right in our stampede if the herd swerves left or right. What a splendid empirical lesson 2020 has been!

Aren’t we malleable and easily-led creatures? [Rhetorical question!]

On that happy note, let’s have some peaceful canal images from my increasingly frustrated perambulatory peregrinations…







We had a lovely forecast from the Met Office yesterday for today’s weather; full of thunder and lightning. Today of course that has all evaporated into mediocrity, a day of dullth with smatterings of half-hearted precipitation (a bit like the world these days).

It’s a Saturday though, and a Saturday in the Skool Hodilays no less, so there ought to be a ridiculosity of boats moving about again. We shall see. With delivery of a slack handful of books that I received yesterday I have officially run out of bookshelf, and need to have some sort of re-organisation. After coffee though, I think. I need more coffee. Perhaps I ought to read the new books too, before I bother with re-organisation.

The world is burning again, Rome is collapsing (again), mediocrity and insanity rule – and I’m going to read books.

S’how it all happens, innit?


Chin-chin. Ian H., &etc.

post script – as part of my own contribution into the headlong rush into insanity with the herd, I have ordered myself a couple of these:


I will look nothing like Lawrence of Arabia but more akin to some old berk who had a nasty entanglement while hanging out the washing on a windy day.

I am hoping though that while the new Black/Brown Shirts laws call only for “face coverings” and not for masks qua medical masks that using these will allow me to feel less like an extra in the 2020 remake of The Rocky Horror Show and more as though I am showing a tiny glimmer of dis-un-non-conformity. Ism. Ist. We shall see.

post post script – consider if you will, this. For some several weeks going into months now the world has seen thousands upon thousands of looters and rioters gathering in very close and breathlessly active window-smashing, business-burning, television stealing – um – “legitimate protests” (!!!) – almost all looters and rioters and statue-demolishers sans masks &etc. We have had no reports of directly-related spikes in general COVID-19 infections following those gatherings.

Is the virus then not so infectious and/or dangerous etc as we are told, in which case why are we all cowering in isolation and unemployment, or are we not being told about those related spikes in numbers. Logically it can only be one lie or the other lie. Something is a lie. A BIG lie. I won’t put any money on which – or even on both!

Jus’ sayin’ is all.

Like everything else these days, what we are told is just cannot, logically, be so. This tells us, unfortunately, no more than that something else, unknown and probably unknowable (for the moment) is really going on.

I shall now arrange my shemagh, leap upon my camel and ride out of town. Local “lockdown” laws permitting. 🙂


  1. I like how you assume any lessons have been or ever will be learned from history.

    If you are looking for comfort and breathability in a mask – do an over the ear gaiter. On Amazon for about $8 bucks. It makes you look like you are about to hold up the bank, but I don’t care. I have to wear a mask all day at work. And everywhere else. So I choose comfort. It’s comfortable enough that I forget I am wearing it.

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    1. Many thanks, I’ll have a look at those. 🙂

      I have a variety of masks – for use in places where required on pain, now, of a £100 fine and/or social herd disapprobation – from disposables to renewable filter jobs… but once I’ve mastered the tying of the device I think that the shemagh will be my face-covering of choice. The “They” want me to go hog, I’ll go FULL hog. 😉

      Remember the days, all of six months ago, when everyone had to show their face so that H.M. Government’s vastly expensive facial-recognition tracking technology could work? Now we’re all being ordered to look like escapees from institutions, suicide bombers and proponents of a certain medieval “religion”. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme insanity eh?


  2. Most people, if you listen to them, consider their political leaders to be both incompetent and crooked. Top civil ervants are a byword for having an agenda which bears no resemblance to that of the elected incompetent crooks. So why do the said people believe a word any of them say when it comes to this virus business?

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    1. It is startling to note just how readily most folk will just accept what’s said, rather than looking at what is actually done – and how short the herd memory is when it comes to people making utterly contradictory statements! We seem to be a species that is eager to be “led” and to give up any and all responsibilities for our own lives. Tis sad.


  3. We have to be grateful that we can stare out of our windows at the green of the grass, the beauty of nature, so that we can remember what it looked like – lovely pictures

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    1. I have been immensely lucky in my “prison” premises – I don’t want to even think about what life would have been like in confinement in some cesspool of a city!


  4. We are living in a real-time experiment in which suddenly we find ourselves engaging in ways we never have before online. Many people are finding an upside to online engagement and I think that will carry over when we have a vaccine and can again safety interact.

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    1. I didn’t really interact with the species much before this year, I don’t think that will change if this is ever over! 😉


  5. Welcome to my world! Or the world as it increasingly seems from my stance. Poor world…it is trying its damnedest to claw its way back from the mess we’ve made.
    Thank you for the lovely pics. Wish I still had mine from the Grand Union days…

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    1. It is fascinating and horrifying at the same time – we all assume that what we know as or decide is “civilsation” is a stable thing, when I think that in fact it’s anything but “stable”. We’re just sort of “lucky” that the disparity between human life-spans and the spans of the various civilisations (“civilisations”) that have risen and fallen is such that not many of us have to live through the falls! Or the stumbles, there’s always a chance that this is just a stumble. 😉

      Lots of things DO need changing, but all of the wrong things are being changed and the worst bits of society are being encouraged and entrenched. Tis a bit of a worry.

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