A wee baby tornado in Windy Alley, Middlewich Branch Canal, Cheshire, England. 21/08/2020


I noticed in the evening that there was something right dodgy about this cloud. Is it an almost but not quite beginning of a tornado? The United Kingdom (that’s England, Scotchland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – at the moment) has about thirty tornados of note a year, some of them damaging. Meteorological Office website (tornados) here. They are more generally though meek and mild, praise be to Zeus, Tempestas, Jupiter, Aeolus (son of Hippotes), and Anemoi. This one was a pup.

It neither formed fully nor landed, beginning and ending off the Cardinal’s port stern horizon. There was a lot going on up there, in the clouds, yesterday.

The weather in general of late has been of not some little note.

Incredibly drear:


Showing a little more promise:


Being 40mph+ crosswind playful with boaters silly enough feeling obliged to go out:


There’s a lock mayhap half a mile ahead, methinks the gentleman in the red & blue bateau was eager to get to it first… The green boat is already in difficulties passing the Cardinal and Mr Engine, the wind being directly and enthusiastically “right to left” here.


Engine room, fewer revs! No – more revs! Full right rudder. I mean full left rudder! Both! A Ginger Ninja losing his manoeuvring room…

[Dodgy] Manoeuvre.

It’s alright, Daphne, we’ll be first at the lock. The other boat can kiss our ar*se.

This morning is a little more peaceful in terms of wind and, thus far, struggling boats.



We shall have to see how the day progresses.

The wind is changing now, blowing less from teh south and east and more from the west – and more directly onto the Cardinal’s stern end. How will it end? Nobody knows. Tis Sāturni diēs (“Saturn’s Day”), so no lovely chuntering railway engines taking something to somewhere and frightfully empty freight wagons back again.


The first boat past yesterday in the gales was nb “Basket Case”. Quite appropriate, I thought. Today, Saturday, the first boat speeding past was nb “Quince”. May the gods preserve him and prevent his getting into too much of a jam.

Talking of which, crumpets and Pimm’s strawberry jam for brekkers, methinks.

Chin-chin from Tornado Alley.

Ian H., & Cardinal W., almost of the High Seas had the day not been ending and the wind shear less than it was.


  1. Holy tornado batman! They get them in Gotham city near me up the road a bit past Clifton turn right and of course the epi-centre of the earthling quakes at Melton Mowbray (when they put the pie crusts on) was a bit of a rumbler and a few cracks in the decor. Cool pictures though! Hold onto your crumpets and brace yourself!

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    1. One of the reasons why I like these moorings is that you do tend to get a decent sky. Hopefully today will be a shadow of its former self, merely blustery and confused. I am blustery and confused. The doctors said so when I was born. Mother didn’t know what to say in reply so she just rang the little bell and had the doctors thrown out. August has certainly given England some meteorologicalistic supercalifrageous variety.


    1. I have invented and perfected the “kitten fender”. Six kittens, tied up with string, dangled off the canal-side gunwale – nobody rams me now and gets away with it guilt-free! 😉

      You mad, impetuous fool you! Nota Bene – this chap is the one mentioned in the Blogroll&etc links page here – if you Do The Instagram – or even if you don’t – follow his …adventures… here https://www.instagram.com/boating_david/


      1. Wind, it always seems to follow a heat wave. I’m sure someone has already documented that discovery but I do think it’s why I rather like the wind when it doesn’t go on a bender. It’s like nature is clearing the scene for different weather.

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        1. Boogie Nights are always here when Heatwave’s about… [sorry]. Today has begun with little to no wind, which is wunderbar after the recent blastings. 😉 Cool again and not blasted by winds, what more could a chap want? Um…

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