Shelter animals hit the roads and skyways

Shelter animals hit the roads and skyways 

from the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge blog.

Who let got the dogs out? Who? Who? Who?

With a dirty great spot of inclemency named Hurricane Laura about to hit the ex-colonies, people are moving shelter/rescue animals out of the danger zone.

Rather surprisingly sensibly, the “Governor” has announced that pets will be allowed on trains, aeroplanes, buses and horse-drawn wagons.

No, but seriously, what a logistical nightmare.

Ruddy well done to all.


  1. Good show! Vets and rescue centres are likely to have full hands when this blows in.Just like Guy Fawkes Night and July 4th-terrified animals.

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    1. From what news we can get (and none of it comprehensive or in any way reliable at the best of times) it does seem to be somewhat serious (English understatement). Storms of all kinds, simultaneously.

      I begin to understand why yogis and monks sit atop high poles for decades – all of the splendid isolation of a cave-dwelling, but you get a much better view of the world going to Hell in a hand-cart.

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  2. Well done indeed to all.
    We have devestating floods in the north of the country and while there are no reguses to clear, the emergency commission has provision for domestic and farm animals to be rescued and housed.

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    1. Keep well, keep safe and keep on keeping on. 🙂

      I suspect that the usual winter floods in Ing-er-lund this winter will be worse than usual, with not a jot of work having been done on the usual suspects (over-flows, drains, rivers, canals, spill-ways, flood gates &etc) during the year (because of the viral discomnobulation). We never prepare for much properly here at the best of times. We shall see.

      Never understood those folk who can evacuate but leave their animal relatives and friends behind – if my pets couldn’t go, I wouldn’t go!

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      1. I could never understand it either, but I suppose if you’re the type of person who thinks of animal companions as ‘possessions’ then maybe it’s easier to disconnect, maybe.

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        1. That’s true. I have met some folk over the years (and decades and centuries) who have no problem with having some vast disconnect and difference in their “minds” in re humans not being animals and vice versa – a strange view of affairs if you ask me, I think we’re all one and much the same.

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      2. One of the reasons that the authorities have started up this sort of “service” – people were refusing to go to a shelter if they had to leave their pets and would risk their own lives. Safer to offer this service and get everyone to safety!

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        1. Aha, that makes civic sense. I had wondered why the sudden humanity! I could no more have walked away from any of the dogs I’ve know than… no, I was about to say ‘leave a person behind’, but that in fact would be easy in some cases… 😉


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