WordPress’s new “block editor” nonsense

I really don’t know that I can blog on WordPress any longer with this idiotic new “block” editor.

Menus open, “blocks” insert themselves and none of it has so much as a little “x” in the corner to close the offending self-located item. Every drop-down menu appears to begin with “premium content”. Ugh and double ugh.

It takes long enough to compose a post as it is, I am not going to spend double or triple that time pandering to the insane whims of the Chairman’s thirteen year old niece’s new coding project.

Does anyone out there have any experience of blogging sites that don’t actually shoot all of their customers in the foot?

Suggestions as to where to move to welcome (excepting anatomically improbable locations of course).

[there ought – automatically – to be an extra line of spacing here twixt text and photograph, but WordPress won’t let me insert any such, and deletes all efforts except text, so here’s some text]


  1. Not another package f..ked up? What are they all playing at? There has to be some very very messed up minds contracted to ‘improve’ their already barely useable packages. I’m still having a daily fight with Facebook trying to force me into using their new screens – Why have you reverted back, have you lost something? Ticks yes, other, inputs You can just see them meeting around a table and addressing the question ‘How can be increase profitability?’

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    1. I imagine that ****book, as with WordPress, is running, screaming, in flip-flops, after the tiny-screen mobile-telephone obsessed “youth market” or some such. It’s all very silly indeed. A bit like Windoze insisting that my laptop has some sort of “touch screen” (…tap here to…).

      Inidstry appears to be spiralling down its own rabbit hole, wholly disconnected from the real world. I would like to say that I wish it well, but I don’t.


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    1. I’ll limp on with WordPress for the moment – using the work-arounds kindly provided by the chaps below. I do wonder why these corporations mess thiings up, they must be working to some sort of agenda but dashed if I can fathom it, other than the mobile phone explanation. By the time I know about new sites they’re usually considered old hat!



  2. Hi-ho Ian, I’ve only recently found you and now it seems like you’re about to throw in the towel! Can’t have that, as I must be kept abreast of all the canal traffic shenanigans whilst I sit in my apartment in Sydney. All I understand of WP is that $$ must be exchanged if you want things to sail smoothly, which is why Blogger suits my miserliness. It’s all change there, as well, but my irregular postings seem to have had no real hiccoughs to date. You could give it a whirl?

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    1. It does seem that all of the “old fart” major and more mainstream websites have spoiled themselves of late – WordPress, Youtube, my grocer, my bank… πŸ˜‰

      I want to keep blogging – and even to keep on earning for WordPress those occasional Β£0.00001 in advertising fees (any adverts on here are theirs, not for my benefit) – but they’re making it so damnably difficult.

      I shall Percy Vere. Um – I shall persevere, and find some solution. Possibly nitric acid.


      p.s., glad that you (seem to) like the blog, I’ll do my very bestest.


  3. Hello Ian. I also hate the new editor and spend four days complaining bitterly to WordPress support staff. Almost everyone of them told me if I did not like it I should change hosts. However the last one did tell me of a work around. It is still a few extra steps but it does put me back to the classic editor way of blogging as a single sheet of paper. Here is what I told Chris, “I just click the + of the block editor and in the search box type cla . That brings up a classic editor button. Click on it and it puts the classic editor in the block. Click the grey part to get the editor functions and post like before. As long as you keep hitting return to jump down with out hitting the plus sign again you post just like before this horrible nonsense block editor”. Hope this helps. Hugs

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    1. Thank Scottie, I’ll give that a go too. I seem to be – as most people do – out of synch with the “new think no-logic non-intuitive” nonsense that is being introduced by all websites these unhappy days. Doubtless the changes are for some minute benefit to their bottom line. The corporation will hardly even notice losing a few million customers such as myself.

      It’s not even so much that I just don’t like the new editor, it’s more that it is such a faff and a nonsense to work with. Old editor – click click click. New editor – clunk rattle roll, drop-down menu, close, next item, re-think, try again, more clunks, more rattles, mote drop-down find what you want among the crowd furtling…. Ugh. Just ugh. ;-(

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      1. Hello itsathought2. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. If enough of us continue to use it maybe the will make it a permanent easier to get to option. Hugs

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  4. Yes, a friend alerted me several months ago, to the ability to post via the admin. link. But I have been told in the past week, by an IT wizard, that even that option will be removed/cancelled/scotched. OOh…Scotch might be the answer!

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  5. Oh! Silver-plated buggery! I am really annoyed at this malarkey. And Blogger (from which I decamped to WordPress ages ago) is also installing a similar nonsense. Apparently, it makes things easier for those who use cell phones.
    Things do NOT have to be difficult. As someone said…”if it aint broke, don’t fix it!” Grammar aside, I’m with him!
    Oh yes…get rid of that automatic gravatar, which is, as far as I can tell, just something the worpdress monkeys like!

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    1. The Grand Universal Imposition of the “mobile phone” – ugh and thrice ugh! I own one such device, but it’s (ancient, and) always in “aeroplane mode” unless – I – want to use it, and it lives inside a circle of sea-salt. I was about to ask why everything must be mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone, but we know the answer to that of course – they are the new “Identity Card”. Can’t access my bank account without one, can’t buy groceries online without one – and can’t do either without a signal. Soon there will be gates installed everywhere that won’t open unless you present and synch your mobile phone to it first.

      All designed of course for children and for those beaten, broken adults who spend their lives with their noses buried in their little screens, commuting in and out of metropolitan areas. In the real world, in the countryside – such as is left, after “build build build and damn the regulations or planning considerations – a signal is a hit and mostly-miss affair!

      Harrumph. A pox on their houses all. After this morning’s tussles I shall have to go for another walk to clear my brain-glands of the mess and fuss. πŸ™‚

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    1. Many thankees, sir, I will give that a go. I wonder though how long such options will last int he face of WordPress’s “progress”? Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

      I’ve used Blogger for years but in comparison to Worpress Blogger always seemed to be a bit over-simplified. WordPress appears to be shooting its customers in the foot – with a machine-gun.

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