Nake Mo Mitsake

Those magnificent Human Beans in their flying-machines are arriving for the G7 Jolly.

Well, they are if the airspace overhead this morning is owt to go by.

Does it really not speak (very belated) volumes to you that while the peasant masses must mask and separate and isolate and furlough and quarantine and stampede back from Portugal and such wotnot, Those Whom We Are Not Allowed To Criticise may take ten-minute 10,000 gallon Jumbo-Jet rides from London to Cornwall – and here’s an image injurious to your brain – for an alcohol and cash fuelled Bacchanalian orgy with their mates, significant others, hangers-on, and ear-piece-pressing, armpit-bulge-sporting Post-Defecation Rectal-Hygiene Facilitators?

Do try to not imagine Boris and Merkel going at it like rabbits while Macron looks on, giggles awkwardly and bites his nails.

Even after the past eighteen months, does this really not say something to you?

[Sighs, goes for another walk in the countryside and kicks at the hot, dusty stones.]

It was a damnably hot walk too. I remained that day in the land of nod too long for a dawn foray, but then wondered about the true nature of the world later in the day, when sun and people and things were about – and decided to venture out and to sample it. Bad idea. Big big bad idea. Big Badda-Boom; Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass.

Over-heated, over-peopled. Five miles felt like ten, and on returning to the Cardinal I walked through a delicious cold shower and sat down to wrinkle my nose, frown and mutter ‘Ugh!’ for half an hour.

I took a few diversions away from t’canal but found my way blocked by NIMBYs from Porscheland. The Rights of Way, so diligently sign-posted by contractors working for Cheshire East Council, fizzled out into dead ends. One trail led to a busy road – nope, no thank you. The other, initially more promising and which ought to have led back to the canal, came to a sticky end with sign-posts and all trace of welcome removed because it obviously ran too close to some ‘oh gosh aren’t we rich?’ dwellings, the occupants of which didn’t want peasants strolling too closely by.

I’ve since confirmed the Right of Way on the map, and next time I’m in the neighbourhood I’ll be dragging my sack-cloth rags and fleas and pestilence right through your driveway and onwards. ๐Ÿ™‚

These other houses were trying a different tack. The signs marking the pathway remained, but the path itself had not been maintained. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it was being actively hidden! Hidden with … some stile, it must be said.

Walking required the “just dropped down from the Rift Valley trees” technique – arms raised, chimpanzee style, keeping a careful eye swivelling about for predators.

Through the shared yard and out through the driveway. Yes, it’s probably very annoying, but the Right of Way has been there since Alfred burnt his first cakes, and you ought not have built over it.

I re-traced my overly-warm footsteps and got back onto the canal towpath. Hurleston Junction was suspiciously quiet, there just being three boats moving while I availed myself of a patch of shade there.

The Upstanding Loveliness that is The Watery Wellness Trust Ltd is apparently under investigation by The Charity Commission for something akin to filing differing Annual Reports at Companies House and with The Charity Commission – the latter, more upbeat, more successful, people-are-happier-with-us report also being the one to find its way onto the WWT Ltd website… Whodathunkit, eh?

Who knows which is the “corrrect” report now? They’ve put ’em up, changed ’em, taken ’em down and replaced them and asked to do every which thing with them now that it’s akin to the Shell Game. My money’s going with ‘the report that is under the most woeful-looking cup is the one nearest reality’.

Once a person or – more importantly – a supposedly auguest national body – has lied about one thing and been caught out in that lie there is no logical or sane reason to believe anything else that they say or publish, is there?

The legal challenge to WWT Ltd’s illegal new “toyms und condishuns” continues, as does the necessary fundraiser.

C&RT is coming. Their goose is getting fat.
Please put a penny in the old manโ€™s legal-challenge hat.
If you havenโ€™t got a penny, a haโ€™penny will do.
If you havenโ€™t got a haโ€™penny, God bless you.

The legal challenge from canal-boat traders continues. WWT Ltd charge people who trade on and from their boats extra quids for their licences – local councils are now beginning to charge boat traders for a “street trader’s licence” in addition, insisting that the canals are, in effect, “a street”. The WWT Ltd have giggled and gone to play with their crayons.

Does anyone in a position of some even slight power on this planet actually possess a straight back-bone and/or a morals-gland?

It seems not.

On a much happier note, I up the loaded three more images to my red-hot, flying-off-the-shelves-like-sliced-loaves greetings cards, wall-art and whatever shop with Fine Art America (printing, production and fulfillment are international, not just USA), so there’s lovely for you yes indeed. Please do not, do seriously not, buy anything, but might I ask one or two of you to spread the word with a tweet or a facebook share or a… word? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve got your boring walls covered, as they say.

p.s., &etc – Dear WWT Ltd., I am not “trading from my boat, I’m trading from a website”!

Note to self: never, ever, go out in full daylight again.

Aside from this – heck, even including this – it’s all been quiet on the Western Front.

The Russian Front I don’t know about, but I’m sure that I’ll soon find out.

Anyone know any good knock-knock jokes?

Chin-chin, chaps and chapesses.

IGH & CW &etc.



  1. It’s amazing the lengths that some people go to to make public footpaths inaccessible; hedgerows deliberately added in front of directional markers; knackered old caravans towed into fields and positioned carefully in front of stiles; bulls standing guard in front of signposts, we’ve encountered them all in our time. Sometimes you get the impression that they don’t really want us crossing their land.

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    1. I’d be happy if small diversions – properly sign-posted and well-maintained – were legal, I don’t mind in the least avoiding someone’s modern garden. However, when – as here – they deliberately seek to confusticate, well – I’ll be back (and back and back and back and back again). I am an accursed old Hector. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Best way. Apparently if a public right of way isn’t used for a certain number of years it becomes obsolete and therefore declassified and no longer open to ramblers. Worth digging out a map and just following said routes to keep ’em public.

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    1. Indeed so and agreed wholeheartedly. I’ve just seen the forecast for today… looks like being the hottest day of the year so far. Nothing compared to the conditions in the “Abroad” but far, far too hot for an Englishman at home. I have moored near some trees and I plan on moain a lot later in the afternoon and evening. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The meaning of life? I suspect that life is rather like a broken pencil; pointless.

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  2. Re the G7…be fair…they do have to eat toasted marshmallows and listen to sea shanties….and may the former choke them. How any thinking person can adhere to the script pushed out by the modellers and muddlers having seen that lot disporting themselves on the strand is beyond me.
    And I strongly suspect that when Shiek Howsyourfather’s private jet lands at Farnborough no one leaps aboard to push sticks up his nose or require him to spend time in a run down hotel on starvation rations at his own expense.
    I have just had the pleasure of undetgoing one of these tests – no test, no operation – and asked the nurse why she had to push sticks up both nostrils…was the bug playing hide and seek? Now you see me, now you don’t?.
    No idea, she replied, fiddling around happily…

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    1. The battle-cry of the twenty-oneth century (in reponse to being asked ‘why are you doing that?’) – ‘I have no idea and no, I won’t think about it. I was told to, that’s all.’

      I’ve just seen a “Tweet” from Dear Boris Johnson on the official Prime Ministerial account… G7 “leaders”, shoulder to shoulder, drinks in hand, none of the “precautions” demanded of we peasants, all arrived by Jumboid Jet with massive entourages and vast numbers of hangers on, all behaving in the same manner. The pure contempt exhibited is awe-inspiring in scale.

      Ropes, lampposts, politicians and “civil servants”, all arranged in time-honoured fashion, soonest please.


  3. Those wall pictures don’t half look good I must say, you really do know how to capture the atmosphere.Craftily of all the posters of my book covers I’ve received from my publisher I have yours up in my office – call me a tight wad if you want, but I love that picture.

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  4. Ian, Truth is something the powers that be know nothing about. We have a PM who supposedly got the sack from his job as a journalist for lying, unlawfully prorogued Parliament, lied about how much money the NHS would get after Brexit, so what can you expect? These days, the Truth is whatever one says it is, regardless of the facts.

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    1. You’re most certainly not wrong there, and isn’t it sad? I know that nothing’s ever been what it seems and we’ve always been serfs to their robber baron, but at least for some periods they’ve had a little grace about them, some amusement factor and a touch of shame in re their worst excesses. Nowadays corruption is worn like some badge of honour!

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