Baby It’s Coaled Outside

We’ve scooted, we’ve mooched, we’ve comestibled and we’ve bunkered.

We’ve also put the chimney back on. The it of It is becoming cool. Autumn is upon us.

Messrs Bargus of The Fuel Boat (Four Counties) Company called yesterday, and we all briefly got caught in some wind and some rain. Here are the brave souls serving the next boat along on these moorings and yes, the tops of those trees are being whipped about by the breeze.

Fuel Boat BARGUS towing a double rainbow, Calveley, 09/2021.

The rainbow was spec-ta-cule-ar but short-lived.

Cardinal Wolsey, bunkered, hunkered. Calveley, 09/2021.

By the time I had hopped, skipped and jumped far enough along the towpath for a “panorama” shot most of the colour had faded away…

A virtually monochrome rainbow… Calveley, 09/2021.

My thanks to Jay, Kat and Lulu (savage hound) for the first delivery [to me] of the season.

Autumn may well be the season of poetic (Poe-etic?) fellow’s fists and mootfulness but tis also the season of some decent cloud-scapes.

Windy Alley below Venetian, Middlewich Branch. 09/2021.

You can’t beat a swan on an early-morning canal wi’a-bit-o-mist. For one thing, they’re too far down to reach effectively, and you need something heavier and more stout than mist.

Middlewich Branch, Windy Alley, below Venetian. 09/2021. Un-poked swan.

Some sort of proprietary Swan-Poking Stick would be best.

Farmers often develop crop-related O.C.D. in the Autumn. It hangs over them like a cloud.

Windy Alley below Venetian, Middlewich Branch, 09/2021.

Seriously, anyone who claims to have O.C.D. hasn’t got it – the letters in the correct, neat, non-triggering, alphabetical order are C… D… O…

Compulsive Disorder Obsessive.

Privately-owned farmland with a Public Right of Way running across it.

For reasons that those of you who know me may guess, I shall henceforth be walking this Public Right of Way once, mayhap twice a day, each and every day that I am moored here now and each whenever for ever more. I shall also be going out of my way to ensure that it is Officially Registered and remains a Right of Way until The Last Trumpet sounds and the final duck-quack echo dies away.

Jus’ sayin’, is all. One does what one can when one has been… encouraged.


Cardinal Wolsey, Calveley, Shropshire Union, 09/2021. With added rainbow.

Now. Fire. Does anyone have the recipe? It’s something to do with taking two sticks and rubbing them together over a small pile of phlogiston…

I’ll leave you with a photograph of the fence panels for the Barbridge C&RT Boaters’ Rubbish Facilty, the one that was removed early last year on the flimsiest of whimsies, and is apparently now “under review”.

If you seriously intend to re-instate the facilty, Messrs C&RT, you’re going to need some new fence panels…

…and fewer sunflowers on the piled-up aggregate heap.

The fence panels removed from the Barbridge Junction Rubbish Facility, carefully stored behind the aggregate tips of the Calveley C&RT Yard, all ready to go back up again… C&RT – are your pants on fire by any chance?

Chin-chin, chaps. Do keep on keeping on. Seriously no idea why, it just seems to be the thing to do.

Ian H., &etc.


  1. It must be tempting to set Mr. Stove into action….if only to drive off dsmp and chilly airs. We don’t need one of his family here, but I have been tempted to get one of those outdoor Mexican chimney things, just for the pleasure of some flames in the evening. Leo reckons it would be cheaper and more interesting to set fire to the house of the neighbour who persists in burning plastic on his bonfire

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    1. I must report that as of today Mr Stove has been called back into action and is chugging away chowing down on coal-dust bricklets. Now, all that I have to do is to remember that thing about constant stoking and cleaning out the ash…

      There’s nowt quite like the smell of burning plastic wafting gently over the neighbourhood. Except perhaps the aroma of grilled neighbour. In case it is of any assistance in your civic decision making process I should mention that the adult human contains something like 126,000 calories, and the bones are good for soup, too.

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    1. Thank’ee most kindly. Rainbows are a bit like the sky breaking into a gret big grin. Upside down. An upside down grin.

      Sometimes I do something similar.

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  2. I think the new bin services would be much improved by a swath of sunflowers around them. Indeed, nearly everything would be much improved by sunflowers.

    It may have been rainy and blowy, but a rainbow does have a way of making up for that. At least, in so far as you can keep your self dry and warm.

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    1. Sunflowers always remind me of the sun-flowers in the book(s) Ringworld; I imagine that they’re all going to turn in formation and focus the Sun’s rays on me! Mind you, two I could handle…


  3. Thor (the Norse god of thunderyness) was very grumpy early this morning but not as fractious as Freya who tried to break my windows in with the force of a torrential paddy. I’m hoping Ullr keeps away and doesn’t make a trio. Mr Stove will be putting in an appearance soon I don’t doubt.

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    1. We too had a spot of a monsoon this morning, and there’s more forecast. Tis still a bit warm to light Mr Stove, but I am sore tempted just for the cheer-effect when the weather goes dull and grey and disinteresting. Haven’t had lunder and thightning for a while now.


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