Lancashire Footnotes

A plug. A shame-free plug. A recommendation.

Look, chaps, if you want something well-researched AND fun to watch as you nibble your breakfast muffins and sip Darjeeling from a saucer, try this: Lancashire Footnotes.

Tis a wordpress blog as is this one, so you can “follow” as you may do here.

Tis also on Youtube, and while I loathe Youtube and have of late deleted my account and all that I may that is “Google”, I recommend that you follow there too if still you do, watch all of the back-numbers, like and share. You won’t regret it.

An amazing amount of work goes into each esipode. These aren’t easy to make!

Here’s the latest sample:

Chin-chin, chaps.

Ian H.


  1. I’m calling a doctor right away. Clearly you’ve swallowed some bad canal water; limes’ disease of the brain or something. On a personal note, I’d just like to say, I’ve watched Lancashire Footnotes since I was a toddler and that bloke who presents it is (comment curtailed by WordPress due to excessive use of offensive language)

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    1. I do believe that he was thrown out of his job as the fourth Blue Peter presenter because of a scandal, something about not really making things earlier.

      Is there any drink finer than a single malt with a dash of canal water? Except for American “Kool Aid” of course.

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  2. My Great Aunty Ruby used to drink her tea from a saucer. I had plumb forgot, so thank you for the reminiscence. And thank you for the Recommendation. The paternal Pipistrello forebears hailed from Preston, apparently, in a part of the world I’ve never visited, so I may do so now from my armchair.

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    1. The Lancashire Footnotes videos will certainly take you to places hitherto and wotnot. I remember folk taking tea from their saucers – difficult these days, when everywhere seems to use mugs…


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