Supermarket Car-Park Syndrome

Let’s zoom in a little closer shall we?

Two hundred yards of ringed moorings, half or perhaps two-thirds of a mile of other moorings, all empty save for the Cardinal. So where do these… persons… think would be a wonderful place to drop anchor? Yep – bow to bow. They even worked hard at it to manoeuvre themselves into that position, it was no accident!

I know full well that the only stretch of canal that I can lay claim to (and then only temporarily) is the 57′ 4″ that the Cardinal occupies, but well really. It’s January and as you can see, space is not exactly at a premium!

What are they? Insecure? Lonely? Expecting to benefit from shared body-heat?

Not even stern to stern but bow to ruddy bow, so that the principle view from my desk is their harlequin-pattern cratch board and 2,500w tunnel light.

Sheesh. In fact – Sheesh O’Reilly, really!

In busy times we all happily take what space we can get, but in winter? How rude!


AN ADVERTISEMENT – one by me and not WordPress, for a change!

On a less numpty note I spent yesterarvo adding some twenty-eight new photographs to my FIne-Art ‘Merica / Pixels online shop – mostly the misty moisty ones from the recent post ‘Magnifibode‘. This is where, globally, anyone who takes the fever may buy the aforesaid images in many different formats from canvas print to paper poster to mug to even jigsaw puzzle. Filfulment is handled at many “local – or more local – to you” filfulment centres, so you’re not waiting for the YouEss to discover (and then invent) high-speed delivery.

Simply spreading the word would be much appreciated, thank’ee kindly. A share, a tweet, a mention, that sort of thing. 🙂 There are buttons for “The Social Media” all over the F/Art-Pixels website.

Ian Hutson @ FIne-Art ‘Merica / Pixels. Clickez-vousing on the link will open me in a new tab where a cove may browse safely and in anonymity. Greetings cards (with your personalised message inside) from £1.29 for 25, £1.70 or so for 10, jigsaws for about £30, and box-frame canvas prints &etceteras from about three hundred quid down to a tenner or so, everything is available in many splendid forms and sizes. Production takes the lion’s share obviously, but yes, I do get a slice of the action, and some day it may keep me in broccoli and OJ and hot fruity teasted toecakes.

Arty-farty sofa not included. Illustrative only of the kind of wall-art wall art we’re talking about. This and a million other images also available in many other sizes, and as a mug, greetings card, print, and wotnot.

Tapestry (of a photo of a tapestry)

Jigsaw (1,000 pieces of a horse invading the towpath and terrorising a boat, f’rexample)

‘Art Print’ of a small yellow Lesser-Spotted Thwack-Numpty attacking your host while out on one of his walks

In short, manifold pleasures for your home. Please share ’em. I have only to sell 999,994 more items and I shall, this year, have sold a million.

Here endeth the advertisement!


Chin-chin chaps,

Ian H., & Cardinal W., of the High Cs.


  1. Reminds me of driving in France. You would pull into a layby which was once a meander in the road, so very long, and blow me if a car did not pull up right in front of you. I used to wonder whether they were seeking succour in the event of a squadron of BMWs hoving into sight…
    I will put the link up on the FB page as more people there than on the blog!

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    1. Cheers Muskie! It’s the same the world over, everyone’s anxious to rub shoulders and exchange fleas. In years gone by when I did / when anyone did supermarket queues I used to love to change their direction – join the queue but at an angle, and everyone would then tag on in a straight line at the new angle I’d dictated… The Games People Play, eh? Still, it keeps me sane.

      NANNY? I need a new wombat!

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    1. Tis a bit weird, innit? Everywhere there’s a crowd going on you’ll find a Hutson moving swiftly away… I just don’t understand this “meerkat” thing at all. 😉

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  2. One does wonder what advantage they perceive in mooring in your lap. Is it a high crime area? Are they afraid to be alone for fear of gang violence from the sheep or possibly gaggles of roving moorhens?

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    1. Michael – Happy New Year, let’s hope that 2022 is a fantastic year for all of the right reasons! Keep well and do keep on keeping on, please. 🙂


    1. Mr Ape – thank’ee most kindly indeed, the share is very much appreciated! A very Happy New Year to you and all of yours, let’s hope that 2022 is an improving vintage… 😉

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