Apocalypse Cows

Not my video (I don’t do video, can’t do video), this is from @narrowboatdays.

Nip along and subscribe. Add a comment on U-Boob – any and all ideas of what these ladies are saying are welcome. What might have possessed ten thousand cows to line up opposite a narrowboat and shout at it? Eating steak in their presence? Waving empty milk bottles about? Spreading butter on your breakfast toast too thickly?

This is just plain weird. Right up there with crop circles.

Chin-chin Chihuahuaii.

Ian H. & Cardinal W.


  1. It was a mixed bag of noise. One shouted’ My next calf if you milk me now’ while others asked if you were the bull due to inseminate them’ whilst a third group was demanding they got to try a drink of milk or they’d stop sharing ‘ it appears their munificence is exhausted and there must be an ‘udder’ way to please the human race.
    Hugs and please be careful where you park at night or you may have visitors drop in unexpectedly.

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    1. Reminds me of that lovely moment in one of the Carry On films, when Terry Scott’s character met a young lady in a country lane…

      Charlie Muggins: Hello. What’s a nice girl like you doing with an old cow?

      Girl with cow: I’m taking her to the bull.

      Charlie Muggins: Well, couldn’t your father do that?

      Girl with cow: No, it must the the bull.


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  2. It has got to be a cattle call! Must be where the expression comes from πŸ™‚ Your friend isn’t Andrew Lloyd Webber hiding out from the apocalypse on a narrowboat?


  3. Decidedly odd. Maybe the farmer had forgotten to milk them and they were asking any passer-by to do the job as they were uncomfortable.
    Or perhaps they were staging a demonstration about their low pay. More, and higher quality silage or they’ll go on strike. Silage inflation has got so high nowadays.

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    1. There was definitely something biting their bums! I’ve never known cows to line up and heckle like that. Perhaps I’ve lived a sheltered life!

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