1. Those cattle are Belted Galloways. My grandfather had a herd of them. Not always amiable beasts.

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    1. Aha, that I shall remember so that when next I cruise past them I can shout out a specific ‘Hello’! I shall also use the name ‘Belted Galloways’ for the simple b/w Liquorice Alsorts, just to confuse the gaolers.

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    1. It’s all most puzzling, I thought that I had two more exams to pass before I attained Ninja-Level Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.


  2. Halsall’s Schedule for Feb ’23
    Please pre-order & be patient as we work around stoppages on the Shroppie
    To order for Four Counties & tp Chester & Ellesmere Port please continue text us on 07486 872158 as previously, for Northwich area on T&M including Park Farm & Oakwoods Marinas please continue to text us on 07491 149149 as usual.
    1st – 4th Middlewich to Great Haywood via Stoke & Stone
    5th – 7th through Penkridge, Gailey, Cut End, Brewood to Norbury
    7th – 12th, running light return Penkridge, Stone, Stoke to Middlewich
    13th – 16th Northwich area, Anderton, Park Farm & Oakwoods Marinas
    17th – 20th Middlewich to Ellesmere Port via Barbridge & Chester
    21st -23rd Chester to Audlem (below lock 11) via Nantwich
    24th to Middlewich
    25th – 28th Northwich area, Anderton, Park Farm & Oakwoods Marinas
    As always this schedule is s guide only & may change due to weather, customer demand, reloading, stoppages etc.

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