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The Mouse Boat (Blog)

Tales From Parsonage Cottage (Blog)

Idle Thoughts (Blog)

Hard-Up Hester Afloat (Blog)

Life After Money (Blog)

A Bit About Britain (Website)

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen (YouTube)

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen (Blog)

Slim Potatohead (YouTube)

nb_Snowgoose (Instagram)

Forces Uniform & Kit (Website)

Oxbow Books (Website)

Postscript Books (Website)

3D Book-Cover images (Website)

Venetian Hire Boats & Chandlery (Website)

Venetian Marina (Website)

National Bargee Travellers Association (Website)

The Community Law Partnership (Website)

Lightning Maps dot Org (Website)

Cyclists & Ramblers Trust Reference Map (Website)

Cyclists & Ramblers Trust Stoppages (Website)

Canal-Plan Route Planner & Boat Looker-Upper (Website)

PhotoFunia (Website)

Lunapic (Website)