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The Venomous Bead (blog extraordinaire)

Melvill & Moon (for those absolutely essential camp furniture items) (website)

Widdershins Worlds – Lesbian Sci-Fi and Wotnots (blog)

Lancashire Footnotes (Blog)

The Bird Box & Jenny Wren (Blog, Shop)

Tales From Parsonage Cottage (Blog)

Idle Thoughts (Blog)

Hard-Up Hester Afloat (Blog)

Life After Money (Blog)

A Bit About Britain (Website)

Narrowboat World (Website)

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen (YouTube)

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen (Blog)

Slim Potatohead (YouTube)

nb_Snowgoose (Instagram)

Forces Uniform & Kit (Website)

Oxbow Books (Website)

Postscript Books (Website)

3D Book-Cover images (Website)

Venetian Hire Boats & Chandlery (Website)

Venetian Marina (Website)

National Bargee Travellers Association (Website)

The Community Law Partnership (Website)

Lightning Maps dot Org (Website)

Watery Wellness Trust Ltd Reference Map (Website)

Watery Wellness Trust Ltd Stoppages (Website)

Canal-Plan Route Planner & Boat Looker-Upper (Website)

PhotoFunia (Website)

Lunapic (Website)